Big Business Doesn't Play Fair

You have the right to fight back...

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We're on your side

FairShake’s mission is to level the playing field between everyday people and big companies.


FairShake is the first step for thousands of Americans to receive justice and compensation for their consumer complaints.

Legal Options You Should Know About

Small Claims Court

Find out how to bring a lawsuit on your own in local courts.

Consumer Arbitration

Exercise your rights under this system buried in millions of consumer contracts.

Attorney Assistance

Share your complaint — outside attorneys may be available to review it.


Know Your Rights:

10 consumer protection laws that give you power


Protect Your Finances:

Legal options when a bank violates your rights

Getting Money Back 1

Fight the Phone Co’s:

Your rights when they charge bogus fees


Get the Refund You’re Owed:

How to fight for your right to a refund

Debt Collection Harassment: How to Stop Phone Calls

Stop Collections Calls:

Know your rights with debt collectors

Credit Report Rights 1

Get Your Credit Right:

Your rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act

How to get money back from a scam

Don’t be a Victim:

Legal rights if you've been scammed


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