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Abode offers Home Security Solutions that fit a variety of consumers and situations. Combining its unique technology with real security personnel allegedly stops crime before it starts. But that doesn’t mean they are flawless. Rather, they find themselves at the center of many consumer complaints.

In this article we pull together the multiple lawsuits and legal actions that have been taken against the company over the last few years so that you can learn what these actions could possibly mean for you as a customer.

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Are lawsuits allowed against Abode?

Unfortunately, the answer to this is a dissatisfying “it’s complicated”. But rest assured hope is not all lost.

As is the case with many other service providers, this company tries their best to make sure that the company’s best interests are considered. So, in your user agreement that usually includes language that says you cannot sue the company in most situations. However, as a consumer you will always have the option to either take them to a small claims court or to file a consumer arbitration claim against them.

We are biased, but consumer arbitration is the easier, better solution. It covers a wider range of complaints without monetary limitations like a small claims situation, and it’s the thing we can help you with.

What is a class action lawsuit? Can I file one against Abode?

Class action lawsuits are a type of lawsuit designed for a group of people, the class of individuals, who all have the same complaint to lodge against a single company. You might have heard of the term tossed around in relation to a lot of big businesses over the years and wondered whether you could file one or join one yourself.

Unfortunately the language in your user agreement typically includes something that says you cannot legally join an existing class action lawsuit or start one.

So what can you do? You aren’t alone, plenty of other consumers have issues with a company that haven’t been solved and they are wondering what legal options are at their disposal as well.

Here at FairShake, we are reinventing the Abode lawsuit process to help consumers like yourself explore all possible options, even when a class action lawsuit isn’t one of them.

As an Abode customer, what options do I have for a lawsuit?

So what options do you have if you are a customer? You have a lot of ways to file a claim against the company such as using the dispute resolution process laid out by your bank or credit card company, or filing a complaint officially with the Better Business Bureau.

But legally your options come down to one of two things in most cases:

  • You can sue Abode in small claims court. But if you do you are responsible for a lot of paperwork, serving the company in a legal capacity based on your state requirements, paying the small claims court fees, and going to a hearing.
  • Consumer arbitration is an alternative legal solution offered in your consumer agreement and with this option you simply present your side of the situation to an independent arbitrator who acts like a judge and can force the company to compensate you for any issues and solve the problem. We at Fair Shake help you by making this process simple and convenient.

Recent and Notable Abode Lawsuits

Abode has been involved with issues on alleged discounts on new security systems that never materialized. The consumer returned items with a return voucher and the company acknowledged the return of items, stating they would give a refund. However, they offered no response for refund statuses, and after months of communication attempts sent automated emails. The money was never provided for the refunded items, the value of which was near $400.

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