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FairShake Founding Team

Our Mission

FairShake is a resource for Americans whose rights have been violated by big corporations. 

Our small, mission-driven team has done the research and produced droves of content about common ways that consumers get taken advantage of.

We focus on some of the biggest companies across industries like telecom, personal finance, travel, and others. We’ve seen too many consumers taken for hundreds, or even thousands of dollars when companies don’t keep their promises about things like pricing, promotions, junk fees, and service quality.

Often in this situation, even if you’re in the right, it can feel daunting and overwhelming if a company refuses to make things right. We help you learn about your options to fight back, and recover financially, when your rights are violated.

Helping you understand your legal rights – and how to pursue them – is how FairShake puts the power in your hands.

Origin Story

It started with a gnawing frustration, and a determination to take action.

FairShake was launched with the mission of increasing access to the consumer justice system.

Like everyone, we’d each had one too many experience of seeing a company we do business with trample over all rights. We’d done the research: we knew there were legal channels out there that apply to millions of consumer disputes — and we thought more people needed to be able to use them.

Our goal was to directly help individuals take action: We built a novel platform to allow consumers to bring legal claims through the consumer arbitration system, without having to spend tens of hours on tasks like document generation, mailing, and wading through complicated instructions.

What happened? Well, we pushed and pushed for wronged consumers to get a fair shake, and the big corporations fought back. Companies used whatever tactics they could to make the arbitration system harder for consumers (even though the same companies had promoted the system to begin with).

Forced to evolve our approach, we now operate mainly as an informational resource to consumers. When available, we may offer to link consumers who come to us to practical support, like legal assistance — including in ways that may generate a monetary return to FairShake.

And we will continue to evolve our site in the future in the hopes of being able to empower American consumers, both through knowledge and through action.

Editorial Policy

FairShake’s content is designed to provide valuable, easily accessible information to American consumers whose rights may have been violated.

Our content team conducts research to the best of our ability to ensure this content is accurate, useful, and well-communicated.

Readers should remember that FairShake is not an attorney, law firm, or financial advisor and our content does not replace professional financial or legal advice.

We value our independence and we do not accept any financial benefits from the large consumer companies that we write about.

In limited instances, our content may include links to partners with whom FairShake has a business relationship. On pages where this applies, we disclose that such a relationship exists. (These pages make up a very small proportion of our content.)

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