How Do I Contact ADT?

The inside track to contact ADT execs. And what to do if they won’t listen…

Do you have a problem with ADT? Maybe they won’t give you a refund, or you are upset over hidden ADT fees in your bill. Now you want to fix the problem.

You can start by reaching out to their main customer service line at 1 (800) 521-1734. But if you’re looking for information on how to contact ADT, chances are you’ve already tried that and now you want a real person who can fix your problem.

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How do I Contact a Real Person at ADT for Help?

With these customer service hacks you can figure out how to get a hold of a real person, how to cancel ADT, or file a complaint against ADT.

Call their exclusive help line at (800) 246-9320 for new customers and (800) 716-3640 for 24/7 support.

This help line is designed to fix your problems and do more for you than the general customer service line. If you want to contact ADT with a reduced wait time and find someone who is trained to help you with your problems, this is a good number to use. 

Call their main line for executives at (888) 238-2727.

This is the corporate office number and while the first person you speak with might not be able to help you and you certainly won’t get in touch with the CEO, they will usually transfer you to an escalated customer service process that will make sure your issue is fixed much sooner than the general customer service line.

Note:  Some customers have reported aggressive responses when they try this out, particularly from people who answer the phone and try to get you to revert to the general customer service number, but if you are brave enough to try it, there is nothing stopping you.

Use social media. 

They can be reached on Facebook, where you can leave a message, use the “call now” function, or chat with them. If you don’t want to wait on hold, this is a great alternative because you can leave your message in a public area and someone on that social media management team will get back to you with a resolution or the next steps.

You can follow them on Twitter and post your complaints there. If you check out their tweets and replies, they actively reply throughout the day to people who have tagged them with problems or left messages privately. They seem to be very good about responding to issues from customers on Twitter. They always ask that you directly message them the phone number and address associated with the account so that they can verify and find a resolution for you. 

You can use their exclusive email address: alwaysthere@adt.com for complaints. This social media associated email address is different from the main customer service complaint line or chat function because they have employees who are responsible for checking and responding to clients on social media.

How do I Contact ADT with a Legal Complaint?

When customer service doesn’t solve your problems, you might want to know how to sue ADT. While your user agreement probably won’t let you join existing ADT lawsuits, you have legal options like consumer arbitration.

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If you want to start your legal process against ADT there are two options:

  • The first is to start small claims court proceedings. 

To do this, you have to send a demand letter to ADT at their legal address and follow the process for how to sue ADT. This usually takes some navigation but I can get you what you want if your case qualifies.

  • The second is to send a demand letter initiating consumer arbitration. 

This lets you use an independent arbitrator to get ADT to act. Some customers who have severe complaints can get thousands of dollars in compensation.

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