How to Cancel Your Account with ADT

If you are cancelling ADT because of an unresolved complaint, let us help you file a claim.

Do you want to cancel your ADT account early? Maybe the service isn’t working. We explain how to cancel your account with ADT quickly. 

ADT is one of the largest home security companies in America. They are generally speaking more expensive than other security systems especially for those who invest in Smart Home devices or connections through their app. So, if you have decided that ADT is too expensive for you or their service isn’t what you expected, or you just want to close your account, we explain the steps to take.

ADT Cancellation Policy

ADT’s cancellation policy is somewhat lenient. They let you cancel at any time by reaching out to customer service via the phone: 800-238-2727.

Steps to Cancel Your Account with ADT

Call customer service first. They will start by trying to convince you to use alternatives such as:

  • Keeping your current ADT service with you when you move 
  • Modifying your service so that it is a more affordable option
  • Or cancelling your service

You cannot cancel online. You have to call customer service. The customer service agent will explain what the next steps are and whether you have to submit a written request. This is the perfect opportunity for you to speak with the agent about any fees you might face and how much they will be.

Fees for Cancelling ADT Accounts

There are fees sometimes for those who cancel their ADT account. If you have an account for less than six months, there is a money back service guarantee outlined in ADT’s terms and conditions.

If you have had your ADT account for longer than 6 months, cancelling your account early means that you will have to pay 75% of whatever balance remains on your contract. Most ADT customers have 36 month contracts.

Most contracts are for 36 months (unless you live in California in which case it is 24 months). The cost is $28.99 per month. So, if you have 26 months left on your contract, you have $753.74 left to pay. So you will be charged 75% of that, or $565.30. 

Complaints and Disputes when cancelling ADT

There are many complaints against ADT that have to do with billing and account errors. 

High cancellation fees

Another serious problem is the 75% requirement for early termination fees. Someone who cancels 8 months into their 36-month contract is still going to have to pay 75% of whatever is remaining on that contract. 

The ADT 6-month service guarantee

One of the biggest complaints and disputes with customers has to do with the hidden fees and the service guarantee. ADT stipulates that customers can cancel their service within six months and get a money back guarantee. However, the fine print does not actually say whether you can simply cancel because you don’t like the service anymore or just because you don’t want it. ADT explains that customers are allowed to get a money back guarantee if there are technical problems with the service. This means that there has to be a technical issue with the ADT security system and you have to have tried to fix that issue before they will give you your money back guarantee.

So, in many cases customers who believed they wouldn’t be charged because they were within that six-month window still get hit with an early termination fee.

What to do If You Are Unable to Cancel or Get Hit With Unnecessary Fees

A lot of customers are curious about Lawsuits against ADT, or are wondering How to Sue ADT.

If you have contacted customer service and tried to cancel your ADT account, but they have overcharged you, more than the 75% remaining on your contract, or they are not honoring the six months money-back guarantee, FairShake can help you file a claim with ADT.

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