How to Get Great Customer Service from Airbnb

Fed up dealing with Airbnb customer service? You have legal options to get them to take your complaint seriously.

Airbnb might seem like a dream come true for those who like to travel. But there may come times when you need to contact their customer service team either as a host or as a guest. Maybe you need a refund for a trip you have to cancel, or you’re having issues with your current booking. Either way, determining the best way to get great customer service from Airbnb is crucial if you want your complaint to be handled rapidly and professionally.

Airbnb’s Customer Service Channels

First and foremost, Airbnb has several customer service channels you can try. In each of these, you should make sure to detail your complaints or issues as clearly as possible. Providing Airbnb with the information their customer service representatives need to take care of your issue is crucial.

Regular Contact Page

Airbnb has a normal contact page that you can find right here. Note that you do need to have an Airbnb account, though this should not be a problem if you’re already a guest or a host for the app. They use this method to quickly identify you and transfer your customer service request to the right people.

After logging in, you’ll be directed to a chat room where someone can theoretically help you with your problem. However, be advised that you may need to wait between 5 and 10 minutes to be connected with a customer service specialist.

Airbnb Phone Numbers

Airbnb also has a few phone numbers depending on where you live. For the US, these numbers are:

  • 1-415-800-5959
  • 1-855-424-7262 (toll-free)

These phone numbers can theoretically let you talk to a person faster than the chat room, where you may have to interact with an automated bot before you get someone on your case.

Airbnb Twitter

Airbnb also has a Twitter account called @AirbnbHelp. This Twitter page is mostly used for company announcements, especially those regarding the coronavirus pandemic. Still, you may be able to find answers regarding your recent issues or troubles if your complaint is in response to a widespread problem.

For instance, if you can’t log into the app, you might check this Twitter account and discover that others are having the same issue, and that Airbnb is already working on a solution.

Airbnb Help Center

The Airbnb help center is a great place to find answers to common questions. This is a good place to check if you’re a beginner to the Airbnb app and aren’t sure if your complaint warrants a full customer service investigation. However, you still need to log in and may still be directed to contact someone on the chat help channel through this interface, which makes it a decent resource overall.

Leave a Complaint on Airbnb’s BBB Page

While contacting Airbnb is possible through a variety of means, there’s no guarantee that their customer service reps will actually be helpful. If you haven’t found a solution or if customer service reps are giving you a cold shoulder, you can always leave a complaint on the Better Business Bureau. This review collection website is sometimes checked by Airbnb, so one of the representatives might take your issue more seriously if you take down their score another notch.

If You Can’t Get Your Complaint Solved by Airbnb…

Ultimately, getting great customer service from big companies like Airbnb can be a challenge purely because of how many people they probably have to try to help every day. Still, that’s no excuse when you use their service and give them money.

If you need a resolution for a serious grievance against Airbnb, we recommend contacting our legal experts. At FairShake, we have the expertise and insight to help you arbitrate your disagreement with Airbnb and find a solution. Get started by using our contact form below.

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