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How to File a Complaint Against Airbnb

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Fighting against large companies like Airbnb over breaches in contracts or service problems can be very overwhelming. If they have overcharged you, misled you, or the service wasn’t what it was supposed to be, you can use many methods to file a complaint against Airbnb. 

One thing you cannot do: Airbnb states in the terms and conditions for their users that consumers cannot pursue class action lawsuits. 

Learn about the Ways to File a Claim against Airbnb

File a Claim against Airbnb in Small Claims Court

What is it? A claim against Airbnb in small claims court is a legal option which, like a class action lawsuit, involves going to court. However, you go to your local court instead, and have limits on compensation. 

When to try it: If you have time and energy and want to ensure the case is publicized, this is a good option. However, this legal tool takes a lot of effort and legal forms. Plus, it costs you in filing fees.

What you need to do: Follow the steps laid out here in FairShake’s Guide to Sue Airbnb in Small Claims Court.

What to expect: If you follow all the steps precisely and your case is sound, you will likely receive compensation. There are state laws that limit how much that compensation can be, usually around $10,000.

File a Claim against Airbnb with your Credit Card Provider

What is it? Any time you pay for Airbnb services with a credit card, you and the company you are buying from (like Airbnb) agree to follow a set of rules. If they charge you more than the agreed upon amount, or they put a hold on your account when they shouldn’t, then you might be able to dispute certain types of charges.

When to try it: If your claim against Airbnb has to do with one fee, for one thing, made with a credit or debit card then you can file a claim with your card provider. They each have individualized processes for this which you can find in your account details. 

What you need to do: Most credit card companies will let customers dispute a charge easily, and after that, the company will investigate the situation. You might have to provide documentation for your claim and the company will reach out to Airbnb for you. 

What to expect: The credit card company will likely temporarily remove the charge from your bill and then ask Airbnb for a response. Once they make a decision, if they side with your complaint, then the charge remains off of your bill. If they do not side with you then the charge goes back on your bill.

File a Better Business Bureau Complaint against Airbnb

What is it? The Better Business Bureau functions as a private organization which collects and publishes information on many companies including Airbnb.  They also invite all companies about whom they collect information to respond actively to any issues or complaints. 

When to try it: When Airbnb’s BBB page shows the company it is actively involved in responding to complaints, you are more likely to get a response regarding your issue. However, you may lodge an official complaint at any time. 

What you need to do: Go to Airbnb’s BBB profile and follow the instructions for submitting a complaint.

What to expect: This depends on whether they are responding to complaints. If Airbnb responds, then they will publish a response to your complaint on their profile. The BBB may publish something as well. It is up to the company to decide whether they respond at all, and even them, what compensation they offer–if any.

File a Complaint Against Airbnb through Binding Arbitration

What is it? Remember the reason you can’t join a class action lawsuit, that small print of Airbnb’s contract? Well, you still have options for filing a claim against Airbnb that involves the binding resolution process laid out in their terms. Binding arbitration is, as the name suggests, legally binding but it is also costly. So companies typically try to settle immediately to avoid unnecessary costs. 

When to try it: Any action taken by the company which you believe was intentionally misleading, violated your contract, or violated the law can be pursued with arbitration. Claims usually involve a request for Airbnb to fix the situation, which may include financial compensation.

What you need to do: Fill out our form below, to start your claim against Airbnb.

What to expect: For more details about arbitration, click here. You can also start your claim below and let FairShake help!

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