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How to File a Complaint Against American Home Shield

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Fighting a large corporation like American Home Shield over a breach of service, misleading sales tactics, or plain bad service can be frustrating, especially when customer service isn’t helpful. So what other options are there? What ways do you have to file a complaint against American Home Shield?

You have 4 key ways you can file a complaint. 

One thing you cannot do: American Home Shield states in the terms of service contract that consumers are not allowed to file class action lawsuits to seek a legal remedy or compensation.

Learn about the Ways to File a Claim against American Home Shield

File a Claim against American Home Shield in Small Claims Court

What is it? A legal claim against American Home Shield in small claims court. This is not a class action lawsuit, but it is a chance to get compensation within the bounds of the fine print in your contract with American Home Shield.

When to try it: When you have a lot of time and energy on your hands, consider this route. This takes a lot of time, filing paperwork, going to court, and paying fees. But it is also a chance to inform the public of the lawsuit.

What you need to do: Follow the steps laid out here in FairShake’s Guide to Sue American Home Shield in Small Claims Court.

What to expect: If you follow all the steps precisely and your case is very strong (with supporting evidence), then chances are you will receive compensation. There are limits in each state, usually no more than $10,000.

File a Claim against American Home Shield with your Credit Card Provider

What is it? Any time you pay for something with your debit or credit card, you and the other company (like American Home Shield) agree to follow a set of rules in accordance with the credit card provider. In cases like fraud, being overcharged, or when the product or service is not actually provided, credit card companies have a procedure so you can dispute certain types of charges.

When to try it: If your claim against American Home Shield is about a one time charge, then you can use your financial provider instead of American Home Shield customer service to get that money back. 

What you need to do: Most credit card and debit card companies allow customers to complete the charge back process online. You have to log in to your account and look for more information on how to dispute a charge. Typically, you’ll have to identify the charge from your statement, describe your claim, and provide evidence as to why it is being disputed.

What to expect: The company may temporarily remove the charge from your bill and then investigate. During the investigation process they might ask for more information or turn to American Home Shield for a response. If they side with you, then the charge remains off your bill.

File a Better Business Bureau Complaint against American Home Shield

What is it? The Better Business Bureau and its local chapters are private organizations. These organizations collect and publish complaints from customers about different companies and give those companies a chance to respond to the complaints. 

When to try it: When American Home Shield’s BBB page shows the company is responding to customers actively you will have the best chance of getting a response yourself. That does not, of course, mean that you have to wait; you can file a public complaint at any time but if they aren’t responding, then you probably won’t get any compensation. 

What you need to do: Go to American Home Shield’s BBB profile and follow the instructions for submitting a complaint.

What to expect: This depends on whether they respond to you. The BBB or American Home Shield can choose to respond at any time, asking for more information, acknowledging the issue, and giving compensation.

File a Complaint Against American Home Shield through Binding Arbitration

What is it? Remember how the small print of your AHS contract means you participate in a class action lawsuit? Well, what you can do is file a claim against American Home Shield with arbitration. Arbitration involves the binding resolution process established by the company. It also costs American Home Shield money, so often they’ll try to settle your claim once they know you plan on taking them to arbitration.

When to try it: Any action in which you believe American Home Shield misled you, violated their contract with you, or violated the law can be pursued with arbitration. Usually this is more than just a complaint against the company; it is a situation where you have a specific solution you want from American Home Shield to fix the situation. 

What you need to do: Fill out our form below, to start your claim against American Home Shield.

What to expect: For more details about arbitration, click here. You can also start your claim below and let FairShake help!

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