How to Cancel Your Account with AT&T Wireless

If you are cancelling AT&T Wireless because of an unresolved complaint, let us help you file a claim.

Are your AT&T Wireless services failing to live up to expectations? 

Maybe you want to cancel a few of your many services, or maybe you were overcharged and now you want to switch companies. No matter the reason, we explain how to cancel your account with AT&T Wireless.

AT&T Wireless Cancellation Policy

Before you remove a line or cancel a service, you should review your AT&T Wireless cancellation policy.

  1. Installment Plans

If you are under an installment plan for your devices, the cancellation policy states that you will have to pay any unpaid, remaining balance as soon as you cancel your account. 

For example: If you have an installment plan, and you owe $750 on your phone, when you cancel you will have to pay the entire $750 remaining balance.  Your remaining balance will show on your next bill. 

However, you can always try to contact AT&T Wireless and negotiate a payment plan if you have extenuating circumstances. 

  1. No Installment Plans

For those who have no installment plan, and the phone is paid off, be advised, they might let you cancel your account with AT&T wireless, but there might be a hefty AT&T cancellation fee . Your AT&T Wireless consumer service agreement has all terms and conditions for the services you have including early termination fees if you cancel your account and are under contract. 

  1. Device Activation within 14 Days

If you purchased a device within the last 14 days and you want to cancel your account and send back the device, you might still face a restocking fee and additional cancellation fees. 

AT&T wireless customer service will work with you to try and retain your services as a loyal customer whether by removing one of your phone lines, changing their service, or giving you benefits. 

You might also consider suspending your account rather than cancelling. To do this you can visit att.com/suspend and click on “suspend” after which you follow any prompts associated with your phone and account. This is a good alternative for government employees who are deployed or on active duty and need to pause or freeze their account.

Step by Step Guide to Cancel Your AT&T Wireless Service 

If you are certain that you want to cancel your AT&T wireless service, you must call them at 800-331-0500.  

  • A customer service representative will walk you through the necessary steps based on your account. 
  • If there’s any equipment that has to be returned or that you are trading in, they will help you handle any shipping concerns associated with the equipment. 
  • If you are still under contract, your early termination fees will be added to your final bill. 
  • If AT&T Wireless owes you money, that credit balance can take up to 60 days to hit your account.

Common Disputes and Complaints when Cancelling AT&T Wireless

AT&T Wireless has had 57,787 complaints filed against them with the BBB of which 14,292 related to billing issues. Of these, there were issues like:

  • High cancellation charges
  • Not being told about a cancellation fee for AT&T wireless services
  • Being overcharged after cancelling 

Out of all the disputes and complaints associated with canceling AT&T wireless service, the biggest issue is that customers under contract have to pay an early cancellation fee, and even customers were not under contract but have an installment plan for their phone are responsible for the entire cost of the phone as soon as they cancel their account.

Fees Associated with Cancellation

As mentioned, the two biggest areas for fees are:

  1. Early termination fees
  2. Installment plan fees 

The early termination fee can be $325 or $150 and a restocking fee of $55. The installment fee is based on your device.  

What to do If You Are Unable to Cancel or Get Hit With Unnecessary Fees

If you have tried to cancel your account with AT&T Wireless, and they have overcharged you or are not letting you cancel, consider contacting FairShake. 

We can help you file a claim with AT&T Wireless to fix a billing problem or tackle your cancellation issue.

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