Would an AT&T Lawsuit Help You?

Often, suing AT&T is expensive and time consuming. Consumer arbitration is an easier option to get AT&T to resolve your dispute fairly.

Looking to file a lawsuit against AT&T? Maybe your complaint has been ignored and you want to know if you can sue AT&T and get compensation. We explore your options.

If you are frustrated by your attempts to get AT&T to do the right thing when something goes wrong with your account or your service, maybe an AT&T lawsuit would actually help you. Unfortunately, they anticipated this response from their many customers and included an arbitration clause in the contract you signed.

Large companies somehow find a way to use strategies that take advantage of loyal customers especially those who rely upon their services and are bound by contract. When things go wrong you might have to force AT&T to do the right thing and file a lawsuit against AT&T. Unless you are very aggressive and demanding fair and honest treatment, you might not get it.

However, there are still options to file an AT&T lawsuit:

  1. The first is a small claims court lawsuit where you go before a judge in small claims court.
  2. The second is filing an arbitration lawsuit against AT&T. Fair Shake was created to help customers like you deal with large corporations like AT&T by giving you a way to challenge illegal business practices or unethical actions on equal footing.

What does AT&T do wrong?

Everyday companies like AT&T make decisions that can hurt their customers. According to the Better Business Bureau, the complaints against AT&T have been many:

Over the last 3 years the Better Business Bureau alone received 48,497 total complaints of which only 16,460 were closed within the last year.

The complaints are broken down as follows:

  • Advertising and sales complaints comprised 3,885 of these, 8%
  • Billing and collection complaints comprised 18,560, around 38%
  • Delivery issues were complained about 3,744 times, another 8%
  • There were 196 issues with guarantees and warranties
  • Problems with products or services had the highest number of complaints, 22,112, roughly 45%

What situations might lead to an AT&T lawsuit?

AT&T lawsuits can be pursued for multiple reasons. In fact, there are lawsuits taking place all the time for things like account fraud and selling location data

However, in terms of the lawsuits you as a customer can bring, below is a sample of the types of situations where you might qualify to file a lawsuit against AT&T:

False and misleading advertising 

If an AT&T employee told you that there was a special sale before you signed up but then you were charged significantly more because that promotion didn’t happen, this qualifies as false or misleading advertising. In some cases, AT&T might renege on a 2 for 1 phone deal or another type of promotion that a sales representative told you about.

You might have made the decision to use an AT&T service or purchase an AT&T product specifically because of a promotion or a deal that you were given but then you’re bound by contract and you’re not sure what to do when, without that same deal or promotion you might not have used the service or product. If AT&T had done this to you, FairShake can help you file an arbitration lawsuit against AT&T which won’t cost you any money unless you win.

Misleading advertising and sales processes are one of the main reasons you can file a lawsuit against AT&T with the arbitration process.

Misleading charges upon termination

Did AT&T punish you for terminating your contract by charging you excessive fees for not returning your equipment or for simply canceling? Maybe they implied that something was free and then tried to charge you $100 when you closed your account and didn’t return the item you were unaware you had to return in the first place.

Misleading charges like this could be another reason to file a lawsuit against AT&T with our help and the arbitration process.

Continuing AutoPay after cancellation

Did you sign up for auto-pay and after you have canceled your contract with AT&T they continue to take money from your account?

AT&T continuing to take money out of your account using auto-pay Services after you have canceled your contract is another reason to file a lawsuit against AT&T.

Misleading charges

Did an AT&T employee tell you that you would pay a specific amount and it wouldn’t change but then you received your bill and it was much higher, with employees telling you, “oh well”?

If you were misled by an employee when you made a change to your account, we can help you file an arbitration lawsuit against AT&T.

Collections or Negative impacts to credit

Did AT&T submit incorrect information to a credit rating Bureau and negatively impact your credit score? 

Instead, did AT&T send your account to collections for an erroneous overcharge that you didn’t owe? Even though customer service might not help you, companies like AT&T will typically listen if you take legal action.

FairShake has helped thousands of customers take legal action against these issues and more.

Poor Business Practices

Companies like AT&T engage in these types of poor business practices because most of the time they can get away with it. The only way to make them behave ethically is to stop them from ripping off their customers and benefiting from the fine print of their contracts.

The more you know about your legal options and what lawsuits you can file, the more empowering it will be. You can be part of the solution.

Taking legal action and putting yourself on equal footing with AT&T is much easier than playing a game on their terms. When you file an AT&T lawsuit using FairShake’s innovative and award-winning online arbitration platform you have a team on your side who knows how to handle big companies and knows how to win. 

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