How to Lower Your AT&T Bill

Paying more than you should for AT&T? Learn about options to reduce your bill

Does it seem like your AT&T Wireless bill just keeps going up? Maybe you are paying too much. We show you how to reduce your bill from AT&T Wireless.

Are you having trouble paying your AT&T Wireless bill? If it seems like your bill increases every time you check the mail comment you are not alone. Maybe you’ve already tried to contact AT&T Wireless but with no results. If you are ready to reduce your bill from AT&T Wireless, there are a few things you can try:Check your monthly bill, regularly

  1. Negotiate with AT&T wireless
  2. Reduce your services
  3. Use discounts or promotionsRead more to learn how you can use each of these methods to try and reduce your bill from AT&T Wireless:

Check Your Monthly Bill, Regularly 

According to the Better Business Bureau, over the last three years AT&T Wireless has had 57,787 complaints filed against them of which 14,292 related to billing issues. At FairShake, we have handled a series of complaints about AT&T billing problems like:

  • Being charged for the same bill twice
  • Being charged after a service was canceled
  • Being promised discounts for first responders but then not receiving the discounts on the monthly bill
  • Being offered a trade in deal, but then receiving a higher than expected bill
  • Adding new lines for an agreed upon amount, then receiving a bill for much more than agreed upon.

That said, it’s important that you always check your monthly bill. When you get your bill verify that every line item on your bill is what you agreed upon and the amount you agreed upon.

You might have charges on your monthly bill because you signed up for an AT&T Wireless service at a promotional rate which came with a contract but the fine print has doubled your bill midway through that contract.

If you are struggling to pay your bill from AT&T Wireless, even small errors can make all the difference. Don’t be afraid to reach out to customer service if there’s something you don’t understand or a charge that doesn’t make sense to you. It’s always better to try and negotiate and reduce your services rather than cancel out right if you have an AT&T cancellation fee associated with your account. 

Negotiate with AT&T Wireless 

Call AT&T on their Main Customer Service line at (800) 288-2020 or through their online customer service here. Let the representative know that you are considering canceling your service and moving over to someone else. Chances are they will send you to what is called the customer retention department or the customer loyalty department. 

If that doesn’t connect you, read about more ways to contact AT&T Wireless. Always be polite. Let them know that there are certain services you don’t want anymore, or that your bill is much higher than expected for whatever the appropriate reason. Let them know that you want to continue with AT&T Wireless in exchange for their help reducing your bill. They might be able to offer you something like a lower price on the monthly package you have, additional lines free of charge, or better speed. It never hurts to ask.

Reduce Your Services 

You might also consider reducing your services. Now that you are familiar with your monthly bill, you have a better idea of what you are paying for. You might decide to scale back by:Reducing the number of phone lines you have

  • Reducing your speed
  • Using a discount or promotion to trade in a more expensive phone Certain phone services you might be legally required to pay for every month like the 911 charge, and any applicable taxes or fees, but other things you might be able to do away with especially if they are not necessary. 

Use Discounts or Promotions

AT&T Wireless regularly provides discounts and promotions. These usually apply to new customers, but, if you contact AT&T Wireless customer service you can typically negotiate with a representative in order to get some of the same rebates. At various times you might find free upgrades, or discounts on additional services. You can visit the AT&T cell phone deals page to learn more about current discounts and promotions.

 If you have tried everything, all the things on this list but you are still struggling to reduce your monthly bill from AT&T Wireless, consider contacting FairShake. We can help you file a claim with AT&T Wireless to fix a billing problem or tackle a payment issue.

What if AT&T Wireless Owes You Money?

Maybe AT&T Wireless has overcharged you, or a sales representative told you that your bill would be for a specific amount but the monthly charges to your account are much higher. 

FairShake can help you file an official legal claim. Get started today.

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