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Common Questions About FairShake Billing and Payments

Why did FairShake send me a bill?

If you received a bill from FairShake, this means your claim was marked as successfully resolved, typically because you accepted a settlement offer through our system. 

FairShake relies on a commission from successful resolutions to maintain and grow our business. When signing up to process your claim through FairShake, you agreed to our commission model (outlined below) in the event that your claim was successful.

How was my bill calculated?

Unless otherwise stated, your bill is based on a commission model, where FairShake charges a percentage of the compensation you received from your successful claim. 

Our commission rates are:  

  • 20% of any cash or credits you get from ​the company.
  • 10% of any amount deducted from bills that you currently owe to ​the company. 
  • We charge a $20 minimum for any resolved claim.

These rates are aligned with standards in our industry. Check your bill from FairShake for the specific commission rates as they apply to your claim. If you do not see your specific commission percentages, or you have questions about your bill, please reach out to a FairShake team member through your dashboard.

What forms of payment do you accept?

FairShake accepts payments from all major credit and debit cards. You may pay by card through the link that was emailed to you with your bill, or through your FairShake dashboard. For questions about other ways to pay, please contact us.

How do I know my credit card payment is secure?

Payments made to FairShake are processed through Stripe, a tool used by over 100,000 businesses of all sizes around the world. FairShake never sees your credit card information, and an electronic receipt is always available.

What if I received credits but no cash compensation?

If you received credits or debt relief as part of your resolution with the company, FairShake still requests payment for our services. There are a few considerations to be aware of if you’ve received credits or debt relief as your resolution with the company:


• If you are no longer a customer of the company, or even if you are, you can usually ask that they be converted to cash. Your best option is to ask the company’s customer service before you accept your settlement offer for the credit to be disbursed as cash.


• But many companies also have a policy to convert positive account credit to cash — it can just take longer. Here’s more info on how to convert account credit to cash with the big 3 phone companies.


• If you are still a customer of the company and accept a settlement in the form of account credit, then the credit will be applied to past or future bills. Typically these appear on the first bill after a company has processed your settlement.


Can I speak with someone about my payment options?

Yes, we’re always willing to discuss the specifics of your bill. You can email our team at payments@fairshake.com or you can contact our team through live chat window in your dashboard.

How do I accept an offer?

To accept a settlement offer, log into your claim dashboard and click the “Accept Offer Now” button:

You will then have the chance to review your settlement offer document and add your signature. Lastly, you must enter your credit card information so that FairShake can charge its commission of 10-20% of your successful settlement. This is how we support our service and make sure it’s available to you and others! Learn more about our commission here.

What if I don't like this offer?

If you aren’t happy with the company’s settlement offer, you can reject it and submit a counter offer by clicking the text that reads “Reject Offer & Send Response” on your claim dashboard:

When rejecting the offer, you will have a chance to provide additional information to the company that supports your argument for why you should receive more compensation.

Can I defer my payment to FairShake?

If you cannot pay today when accepting the offer, you do have the option to defer the payment for up to 30 days. Deferring the payment will allow you to accept the offer now and pay the fee at a later date. If you do not take action on your settlement offer within 14 days, it may be cancelled.
If you do defer the commission fee, you’ll have to put a payment method on file to be charged at a later day, and the card will be subjected to a $1.00 charge. This only lets us know that the card is working and the $1.00 amount will be deducted from the final amount owed.
To defer your payment, you can email our team at payments@fairshake.com or you can contact our team through the live chat window in your claim dashboard.

What happens if I don't take action on the settlement offer?

If you do not take action on your settlement offer within 14 days, it may be cancelled.

I thought the payment came out of my settlement offer?

At this time, we only accept payments from credit and debit cards. We are not able to subtract the FairShake fee directly from your settlement offer because the offer goes directly to you once it is released from the company. 

You do have the option to defer your payment until the company pays you. You can do that by clicking the link in your FairShake dashboard that says “Can’t make payment?” when we ask for your payment. It will allow you to defer the payment up to 30 days, and if you haven’t received your check or credits within 30 days, you can just chat us through our online dashboard or email help@fairshake.com and we’ll continue pushing it back.

Why do I have to pay to get my Settlement Offer?

This is to ensure that FairShake is paid for our services and for the use of our platform. FairShake is not a law firm and is not paid the same as a traditional law firm. We rely on your payment to support our business and to continue helping people.

Your payment helps us be able to continue this work to help consumers just like yourself. Here’s a reminder of the FairShake fee in your Terms and Conditions as well.

I was surprised by the fact I had to pay

We’re very careful about making our commission clear in our intake form, and in every email we send you about settlement offers. If you need payment assistance, please just let me know and I will work with you. This commission is the only way we support our business and keep helping people like you.

I don’t have a debit or credit card

At this time, we only accept payments from credit and debit cards.

If you have any concerns regarding our payment processor, FairShake uses Stripe to process all payments and is very secure. You can relax by knowing that with Stripe – all transactions are protected, they have the highest grade of payment processing security, and all credit card numbers are encrypted and safely stored.

Please note, only signing the settlement offer on your dashboard will not accept the offer and the company will not be notified. To fully accept your offer, you’ll have to provide a payment method to be charged.

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