How to Sue Brinks Home Security

Looking to sue Brinks Home Security? Small claims court is an option, and you may have others…

If you’ve been a customer of Brinks Home Security, you know that companies make small mistakes from time to time the same as any other company, but what do you do when this company has made a big mistake or they’re ignoring the mistake they made? Maybe they used misleading sales tactics to get you to sign up for a new service that you didn’t want or maybe they overcharged your account. Now you want to know how to sue Brinks Home Security. We can help.

Brinks Home Security Customer Service

When you have a problem, you can text or call Brinks Home Security customer service. The text line and phone line run from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. CST, 7 days per week. The text number is (469) 513-8685 and the phone number is (800) 447-9239.

But what are your next options when the company still won’t acknowledge the issue?

Now you go to small claims court.

Arbitration Clauses

Why is small claims court the next option? Your user agreement with Brinks Home Security, like most user agreements, probably has an arbitration clause in it which specifically prevents you from resolving your issue with them through other legal means. Basically you can’t join or start a class action lawsuit if something goes wrong. What you can do, however, is go to small claims court or use consumer arbitration. 

Determining if small claims court is best 

Just because you can take the company to a small claims court doesn’t mean that the court is the best solution for you. Not every case is suitable for a small claims court. Many small claims courts will only handle monetary compensation and not Equitable compensation. This is perfectly fine if your issue is something that involves money, you want them to give you back money that they took or compensate you money for a problem that was caused. But it won’t do you any good if the problem is with something like a defective system and you want a new system to be installed in your home. This is not something that a small claims court can mandate.

You also have to understand that small claims courts have monetary limits and foremost states that value is between $2,500 and $10,000. That means if you are trying to get compensation for the company overcharging you by a few hundred dollars, your case won’t qualify.

However, if your issue is substantive and qualifies for the monetary limits in your state, you can take them to court.

How to sue Brinks Home Security in small claims court

The first thing you have to do is send Brinks Home Security a demand letter. You have to send them this letter and let them know that you’re headed to small claims court but you are first giving them the opportunity to fix the problem themselves. In many cases, it’s a company truly believes that you’re going to file a case against them, they might give you a settlement at this point in exchange for you dropping the case and not going to court.

In this demand letter you have to explain why you are writing them. Let them know what the issue is, explain what steps you tried to take with them to fix it, and what you want them to do now. This should be a short, concise letter that explains what they did and what payment you want for damages. A hard copy of the letter needs to be mailed to the official address.

According to our most recent research, Brinks Home Security is legally based in Delaware and receives mail at this address:


*Note: The address you should use will be listed in your individual agreement. 


If you don’t get a response to your demand letter, or the demand letter isn’t what you want, you can follow the next steps:

  1. Fill out your state required forms. Check your state court website to make sure you have all the appropriate forms which should be available for free. Also check with your county. You might have additional paperwork from your county. Verify how many copies you will need as courts are pretty specific about bringing multiple copies and if you don’t have enough, they won’t accept your case.
  2. Formally file your complaint with the court. Be sure to bring all the forms you have to the county clerk during the specified days and hours. The county clerk will have you pay the small claims court fees and then file your paperwork. They will give you stamped copies of your paperwork in return with a court hearing date. 
  3. Legally “serve” Brinks Home Security.  You have to legally notify Brinks Home Security, again, that you have taken additional action. This means you have to legally serve them the copies of the court documents as per the instructions on your state court website. If you don’t follow each instructions specifically they will throw out your case so exercise caution here. 
  4. Go to the courthouse, the right courthouse, on the day of your hearing. Have all the copies of your filed forms and any evidence for your issue against Brinks Home Security.

Use Consumer Arbitration

If your case falls outside of the requirements for a small claims court or this process seems a little too overwhelming, there is always the consumer arbitration process. The steps here are pretty similar but we help you generate your documents and serve the right people.

Steps to File a Claim Against Brinks Home Security with Consumer Arbitration 

  1. Submit your complaint to Brinks Home Security. This is a legal, official notice that you are pursuing small claims court. You can tell us what the company did, what you’ve tried to do to fix it, and what you want them to do now using our online interface. We generate the legal notice for you and submit on your behalf. 
  2. We also create the hard-copy demand letter which contains a time frame. We don’t just ask Brinks Home Security to fix the problem whenever they feel like getting around to it. We asked them to fix it by a specific date and if they don’t you will use consumer arbitration.
  3. Brinks Home Security might choose to settle at this point in exchange for you not taking the case any further. It could have been a simple matter of oversight in which case they apologized and gave you the recompense you wanted. But if they don’t, file your arbitration documents with the American Arbitration Association. We file on your behalf with a “documents only” arbitration process so you don’t have to take time off work to meet with anyone in person. 
  4. The documents are filed with the American Arbitration Association on your behalf. A case administrator will be appointed who will collect information from you and from Brinks Home Security, schedule any appointments, and inform you once an arbitrator is assigned. The arbitrator works like a judge and will set up a hearing date to decide upon the outcome and you can choose to do this hearing over the phone, in person, or “documents only”.

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