Common Complaints Against Capital One Bank

What complaints do people like you have against Capital One Bank? And what can you do about them?

Have you been charged high fees for using your Capital One account?  Is there fraudulent activity on your account that you can’t seem to get fixed by contacting customer service?  Do you frequently check your information online only to find that it is wrong or incomplete?

Capital One offers a variety of services to customers including banking, credit cards, and personal loans.  While they offer many options, customers frequently complain about the product quality and level of service they receive.  The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has received 6,057 customer complaints about Capital One over the past three years. Frequent customer complaints include the following:

  1. Dissatisfied with products or service quality
  2. Excessive fees
  3. Poor customer service

Dissatisfied with product or service quality

A common product complaint is about Capital One’s credit card program.  In some cases, customers are approved for a credit card, yet it takes several weeks to receive the card in the mail. Other complaints include inadequate response to fraudulent transactions or accounts opened up in the consumer’s name without his or her consent. Another common customer grievance is that Capital One may run a credit check multiple times, causing customer credit scores to fall.

Customers also complain about the online features of the Capital One website.  Showing an incorrect balance due or incomplete transaction activity is a common frustration.  This can lead to customers spending more than what they have in an account or customers thinking that no balance is due on their account when there is a balance due.  In some cases, this has caused customers to be late paying bills, which triggers costly fees. Other complaints include problems making payments online and the inability to access important information.

Problems using reward points is also a cited complaint. Customers that try to redeem the points online have experienced website timeouts and are unable to apply the points.  When they contact customer service for help, they are told to call back after the end of the billing period to confirm they received credit for the points.  Many customers report the credit for the reward points never posted or Capital One Bank denied the points.

Another common complaint is the challenges customers faced during the verification process when opening a new account.  To some, the process is confusing and cumbersome. If the documents they send are hard to read, they are not contacted by customer service to resolve the issue.  Instead, customers find out when they call to check on the status of a new account. In other cases, customers are given different document requests based on the service representative that handles the phone call.

Excessive fees

A routine complaint concerns the fees charged on bank and credit card accounts.  In some cases, customers complain they incurred late fees, even after paying off their balances in full.  Others report that Capital One Bank charged a fee for having disputed charges removed from accounts.

Poor customer service

Many customers report that the service received is subpar and not helpful.  When they contact customer service for help, there are long wait times or they end up getting disconnected when speaking with a representative.  When they do speak with a customer support representative, they are often told the problem is being fixed only to find that it still exists on their next billing statement.  Many customers complain that the customer service representatives are not interested in helping them with their problems and/or are rude on the phone.

If you feel like you are getting the run-around with customer service and are tired of high fees and poor products from Capital One, you may have a legal option to make the company listen. FairShake works with consumers who have been unsuccessful in resolving their complaints with Capital One Bank. If customer service can’t fix your problem with a Capital One Bank credit card or personal loan account, see if FairShake can help you.

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