How To Get A Refund From CarRentals.com

Need help getting the CarRentals.com refund you’re owed? You may have legal options

Whether you are having last minute trip changes or need to cancel your plans due to weather or illness changes, sometimes things happen that will cause you to cancel the need for a rental car. If you do need to cancel your rental car from carrentals.com, then you might be wondering how exactly you can get your money back.

Well, the refund, and the steps you take to getting a refund, will be different depending on what you selected whenever you made the booking of the rental car. If you need help to get your refund, then here are the steps you will need to follow and the best ways to get your money back quickly.

How CarRentals.com Works

It is important to note that CarRentals.com is a third party platform that simply compares all of the different places you can rent a car and then places them all before you. That way, you can see the lowest price for the car you want, and then use CarRentals.com and make sure that the rental goes nice and easy for you.

For certain types of refunds, you might need to contact the rental car company itself and not go through CarRentals.com. So keep that in mind if cancellation and refunds becomes a problem that you will need to deal with.

Finally, whenever you book your rental car, make sure to keep certain things in mind. Typically, more expensive cars will have more expensive cancelation fees that will come out of your refund. If you want to get your refund and save some money, then make sure you are taking the price of your rental car into account


If You Can, Cancel Ahead Of Time

While some cancelation changes tend to happen quickly, such as a blizzard or other weather event happening on the same day as your trip, some of them happen slowly. You might know that the cousin you were supposed to go visit is too sick days in advance before the trip, or perhaps that your job has interfered with the timing of your vacation. 

If you do know that you will not be needing the services of a rental car in advance, then please cancel your booking as far in advance as you can. This will often stop you from having to pay any sort of cancelation fee, and the refund will often be delivered on the same day.

Plus, it’s just a show of good faith and helps to make sure that both you and the employees working on your cancelation won’t be stressed about the situation.


Take Cancelation Into Account When Booking

Whenever you book a car rental through CarRentals.com, you have two options. The first option is to pay at the counter whenever you pick up the rental car. If you are planning to pay in person then you can simply go to the website and cancel your booking. 

However, if you have prepaid the rental car booking online, then you might have to pay a small cancelation fee if you are suddenly changing your plans. Again, canceling this way in advance will often get you the lowest fees, and sometimes no fees at all.

Always keep the possibility of a cancellation in the back of your mind as you plan your trip and book your rental car. While no one likes to think that their trip or vacation will be canceled, that is often why they spring up on us and surprise us. So if you are booking a car and paying online or in person, then make sure you understand the cancellation rules so you can get the most out of your refund.


Understand the Different Reservations

At CarRentals.com, there are three different types of reservations that you can get for your rental car, and each of the three has a different method of cancelation.

The first is a Pay Now reservation, which has you pay once you book the car. This is the type of cancelation that will often give you a cancelation fee. Still, you can go online to CarRentals.com and cancel the booking through the website. Just be prepared to pay the cancellation fee if needed.

The second is the ‘Pay at pick up’ reservation that can also be canceled online without the risk of a cancelation fee. You just need to have access to your itinerary number and email address and use those to cancel. After the cancelation, CarRentals.com will confirm the cancellation via email and everything will be resolved.

The last type of reservation is a ‘Deposit Required’ reservation, which doesn’t require you to go through CarRentals.com to cancel. Instead, you just need to use the confirmation email that you received when making the reservation. You can either use the link inside the email to cancel directly or call the car rental company using the phone number on the email.

It’s Easy, As Long As You Are Early

The best way to receive a refund for your rental car is to make the cancelation as early as possible. If you know that the situation for your vacation or trip is going to change, then contact CarRentals.com and go to the website to cancel the booking. You won’t have to deal with a rental fee if you cancel the booking early enough, and the refund often comes in within a few business days to the same payment method.

If you are paying whenever you pick up the rental car, then you can simply cancel the booking and no fee is charged. Then you get to keep your money without any fuss and move on.

Cancelations of rental cars through CarRentals.com are fairly easy, and if you handle them right and have an understanding of how to cancel your booking to get the most from your refund, then the entire process should go off without a hitch. 

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