Complaints Against Caviar

Do you have an issue with your Caviar delivery service? Is it hard to get the customer service department to listen? We explore the biggest complaints against Caviar, and what customers like you have to say.

There are few things worse than looking forward to a delicious meal from your favorite local or independent restaurant and having that meal spoiled by a delivery service. If you have had a bad experience with Caviar, the food ordering and delivery platform, know that you are not alone.

Though the complaints against Caviar may be numerous, many dissatisfied customers observe that it is notoriously difficult to get their concerns addressed by customer support representatives. Caviar is often more focused on protecting its image than actually listening to and resolving issues for you.

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There have been numerous complaints against Caviar lodged with the Better Business Bureau. Some of the most common among them include:

Problem with a product or service

Caviar has struggled with maintaining the privacy and security of their customers’ accounts. When one customer recognized that their account had been taken over by somebody else with multiple orders charged to their bank account, Caviar responded by deactivating the account but not offering any sort of refund for the fraudulent charges. The customer was forced to reach out to their bank for assistance.

Other complaints include:

  • Inability to update account information.
  • Dangerous food products sent to customer with food allergies.

Even Caviar employees have had issues with the company. A recent class action lawsuit was filed to address the misclassification of Caviar employees as independent contractors, denying them important benefits and rights. Many other delivery companies like Caviar have faced similar lawsuits.

Delivery issues

Convenient and easy food delivery from your favorite restaurants is a basic pillar of Caviar’s services, but many customers have had bad experiences that Caviar has failed or been slow to rectify. This includes:

  • Delivery times of hours with no response from the driver or customer service.
  • No delivery or response after an order with refund issues.
  • Cold, spoiled, or inedible food delivered.
  • Mistakes on orders.
  • Leaving items out of orders.
  • Canceled orders.
  • Inability to track drivers’ progress in deliveries.

One customer had this experience:

This delivery service did not fulfill on my order. The delivery person marked my order as delivered but did not make an attempt to call me or dial the number that I had set for using on the call box. Instead they marked it delivered and left with my food. After I placed an initial complaint vi chat and email with Caviar did the driver contact me, 30 minutes after they had marked as delivered. Caviar did not contact me once or answer across any communication system, they had no phone number to call in either. The driver had left with my food and did not sari ever back at my place until 2 hours later. By that time I had made a dinner for myself. Basically this delivery system stole 52.96 dollars from me and offered no costumer service with which to mediate the situation.”

Billing and collections

Among the chief billing and collections complaints against Caviar was the company’s unwillingness to make things right when the deliveries went wrong. Other issues include:

  • Fraudulent charges on an account with no refunds.
  • Refunding a charge partially or in full, but only crediting the Caviar account and not the customer’s bank account. This forces the customer to again use a service they are dissatisfied with.

As one customer noted, “Caviar issued a fraudulent charge on a card I had on file with them. I have not used Caviar for 2+ years. Their website offers no way to get in touch with them, so I am currently out $150 without having any way to contact them.”

Another class action lawsuit against Caviar was settled for more than $2.2 million. The lawsuit aimed to correct the fact that the money customers paid for tips did not actually go to the delivery drivers — it went to the company instead.

What can I do next?

If you have had a problem with Caviar, like the issues above, then you can use consumer arbitration and our team of experts at FairShake to get the resolution and compensation you deserve.

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