Can I get a refund from Caviar?

Need help getting the Caviar refund you’re owed? You may have legal options

Do you have an issue with Caviar? Did they fail to deliver something or maybe they said they delivered something but you can’t find it? Did you try to cancel your order but they still overcharged you or perhaps your order was simply damaged? In these situations you might think you qualify for a refund. But can you get a refund from Caviar?


The terms for Caviar state that you can terminate your account at any time and any fees you pay before then or non-refundable. Likewise, if the company terminates or suspends your account, they can do so without any refund for any prepaid fees. Beyond that however they do stipulate that you are responsible for paying any charges associated with a service or purchase using caviar and that cancellations are subject to the cancellation policy. There’s no specific language in the terms that says the company does or does not give refunds for other issues.

That means you are in luck and depending on the situation the company might choose to issue a refund for your problem.

Problems with Orders

If you have a problem with an order, maybe a mistake happened to what you ordered at the restaurant, or something was damaged after the courier picked it up, or maybe you just got something you didn’t order.

In these situations they ask that you navigate the order screen in your app and click on the section that says “Help with an Order” and then provide issue information with a description of what the problem is. 

If you’re navigating from the website you need to use the section that says “Contact Diner Support” and then from there choose the problem you have.

After you submit a problem customer service will get back to you if they need to to resolve the matter. 

Delivery Issues

If there was a delivery issue, your order was delivered but you didn’t receive it, things get a little trickier. The company says that you get an immediate notification to your phone once the courier has arrived at your location and if they don’t hear from you, they wait 10 minutes before they try to contact you again. If, after 10 minutes, you don’t reach out to them, they move on to their next order, your order is forfeit, and it will be left in a secure location. However, if your order is forfeit, they cannot issue a refund.

If instead you didn’t receive any communication and you still haven’t found your order, they ask that you contact customer support and they’ll try to get back to you with any possible resolutions. 

How do I get a refund?

Presumably once the issue has been resolved the refund is given automatically. Caviar doesn’t provide a lot of information on their support center pages. As an individual using the company they simply say that if you received a credit that was incorrect or a refund that was incorrect, you need to contact customer support.

What happens if they don’t issue a refund I deserve? 

In some situations Caviar doesn’t get back to you in a timely fashion and they don’t resolve the issue. If they don’t issue the refund that you deserve, something that is eligible under their contracts, you can try consumer arbitration. With our service, you get help reach out to Caviar and explore your remaining options for a refund. 

Consumer arbitration is a legal option you have laid out in your user agreement and it gives you a way to have an independent party look at the situation and potentially force Caviar to fix the problem and issue the refund you deserve. We can help.

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