March 2016 Complaints Against USAA

Compiled from Public Data by FairShake

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The US government’s Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) collects complaints against financial companies.

In 2016, the CFPB received 979 complaints against USAA. USAA ranked Number 28 among all financial companies for the most complaints.

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Complaint Details:

Date of Complaint: March 6, 2016


State: FL

Product: Consumer Loan
Sub-Product: Vehicle loan

Issue: Managing the loan or lease

Full Complaint:
I have been a member of USAA for over 15 years. I took a personal loan out with them against my XXXX XXXX XXXX ( that was paid for ) to re-establish my credit. I have always made my payments on time. My banking & insurance has always been with USAA. I have had regular Child Support & Expense money transferred from my daughters father for the last 5 years in lieu of a Court Ordered Child Support Agreement. He has transferred money from his XXXX XXXX account to my USAA checking account. We have never had an issue with these transfers in the last 5 years we have been doing this. No ” bounces ” or unavailable funds.
In XXXX XXXX, USAA, without notice or reason – USAA started putting holds on my deposits from XXXX XXXX. I had actually saved enough to pay my truck loan *ahead*. He transferred {0.00} and only {0.00} became available -for almost 3 weeks the balance was held.
When we called USAA, they advised that He transfer from XXXX XXXX to his USAA account and then transfer from there to me. Funds would be available immediately to me this way. He did so, in the amount of {0.00} and only {0.00} was available to me.
All the while … I ‘m trying to pay my truck loan, but USAA is putting holds on all of my transfers and when I ‘m asking ” why ” they say ” it ‘s the Banks Discretion ”. I was never notified of any issues with my accounts … checking, truck loan, etc …
Sunday, XXXX XXXX, XXXX, the day before I start my new job, I walk out to my driveway to see my XXXX is gone. I reported it stolen to the Sheriffs Office and they told me it had been repossessed.
I received no ” notice of note due ”, no phone calls, no emails ; nothing from USAA alerting me there was an issue.
Back to XXXX when my funds were held ( for no reason ) on my checking, I made the XXXX and XXXX payment together and late fees and charges were to be added to my XXXX payment … which again, funds transfers were held and only {0.00} available, but I would not be 30 days late until XXXX XXXX.
I paid the nearly {00.00} in repo fees and USAA fees to get my truck back the following day. However, to this day, USAA refuses to ” acknowledge ” my complaint and that they made an error.
I immediately requested copies of my last 6 months checking statements and my payment history on my truck loan since the opening. I promptly received my bank account statements, but waited over 30 days to receive anything on my truck loan. When I finally received something it was a generic ” statement ” saying no payment due for XXXX XXXX. When I call USAA, they tell me that I have no payment due until XXXX XXXX. Other times they tell me ” the account is under review ”. But nobody at USAA – even supervisors & their supervisors will give me any information or sort this out or give me an explanation.
I checked my credit score on XXXX XXXX … USAA has multiple listings of late payments and a ” reposition in repayment ” effective XXXX/XXXX/XXXX. My credit score has gone from mid XXXX to XXXX as of XXXX XXXX.
I continue to make a monthly payment to USAA every month -though I have no idea how it is being applied. I ‘m just tossing money out there to them & they have destroyed my credit and I ca n’t even put into words how upsetting that is.

Company response:

Response Type: Closed with explanation

Public Response:
Company believes complaint represents an opportunity for improvement to better serve consumers

FairShake accessed this complaint from the public archives of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). You can file your own complaint with the CFPB here.