June 2017 Complaints Against USAA

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If you have an issue with USAA, you’re not alone.

The US government’s Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) collects complaints against financial companies.

In 2017, the CFPB received 1093 complaints against USAA. USAA ranked Number 31 among all financial companies for the most complaints.

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Complaint Details:

Date of Complaint: June 27, 2017


State: TX

Product: Credit card or prepaid card
Sub-Product: General-purpose credit card or charge card

Issue: Other features, terms, or problems
Sub-Issue: Other problem

Full Complaint:
My USAA member number is XXXX, this is a follow up complaint to the original CFPB complaint XXXX.

Most of the statements made by USAA in response to CFPB complaint XXXX are false, incomplete while other parts of the complaint were completely ignored and without a response. USAA claims I resubmitted and re-entered the 4 different fraud claims. This is a false statement. USAA agents resubmitted the same claim 4 different times as they were never able to submit it correctly. This includes the final re submission by the CEO ‘s office which finally corrected all the previous agents errors and finalized the credits issued in writing a year ago. Below I will describe each violation by USAA and would like a response, justification and documentation to explain and support EACH and every one of them. Please do not write a general explanation ignoring half of the issues and sweeping the others away without providing a detailed explanation!

First No response was given to the 90 day timeline violation provided by law to provide a final billing error resolution. Yet in response to response CFPB complaint XXXX USAA states in writing it violated the 90 day timeline not once but twice. First when it issued the final credits in XX/XX/XXXX which was past the 90 day timeline from the date of initial report. Then again in XX/XX/XXXX over a year after the initial report and a year after USAA stated in writing the investigation was complete and I was found not responsible and the credits issued were permanent. I have requested all documentation used for this violation for months and have yet to receive a response or justification.

Furthermore in the response USAA states the following : ” In keeping with the companys core values and our commitment to the membership as a whole, USAA has adopted a policy that affects members who do not meet certain obligations with us. To the extent allowed by law, our business policy prohibits USAA and our affiliates from doing business with a member where there is unacceptable behavior and activity. When this basic principle is compromised, we remove access to view your accounts on usaa.com and mobile.usaa.com. However, you can obtain your account information by mail or telephone. ” I requested clarification and documentation as to what obligation I failed to meet, yet have not received any response these past few months. My requests for any / all documentation used to come to this decision were also ignored. It ‘s been 2 months and have yet to receive a response or any requested documentation.

Lastly, according to USAA ‘s statement I was found responsible for {00.00} a year after the ” final investigation ” found me not responsible and provided permanent credits. Thus USAA reversed the ” permanent credits ” a year later, violating the 90 billing error resolution timeline required by law. Furthermore, I never received any notice, statements, justification, documentation or evidence of this adverse action taken. This is yet another violation I request justification for.

While I still had access to USAA.com I noticed WAY more ” transfer adjustments ” than the {00.00} USAA claims to have reversed and charged back onto my card. Yet have my requests for documentation, clarification and justification have been ignored. This is yet another violation I ‘d like explained.

Continuing on USAA failed to respond as to why USAA reported both my XXXX anD XXXX XXXX cards as being at or near it ‘s credit limit to the credit reporting agencies. This was done despite both accounts being in dispute, the XXXX having been paid in full and the XXXX having less than 30 % of the credit line used. The actions constitute several more consumer protection laws I would like USAA to answer for.

Next, USAA failed to provide me with advance notice of adverse action taken as USAA decided to close all my accounts. I only received the notice weeks over a month after my access was restricted and weeks after the accounts were already closed. I would like an answer as to why USAA failed to adhere to the law and did not provide notice prior to taking action as required by law.

I would also like an explanation as to why USAA closed my accounts despite the XXXX and XXXX XXXX having active unresolved billing disputes and prior to providing any documentation of any status updates or resolutions to said disputes. This violates yet another law.

It is illegal to take adverse action in response to me exercising my rights set forth in consumer protection laws. Yet in response to my filing my initial complaint with the CFPB USAA begain taking multiple adverse actions violation a multitude of laws as stated in the many examples above. I would like a response to this as well.

Please provide an answer for each violation explained in each paragraph of this complaint in full detail and with complete explanation providing in writing all supporting documentation as I Have repeatedly asked for and been refused.

Company response:

Response Type: Closed with explanation

Public Response:
Company believes complaint is the result of an isolated error

FairShake accessed this complaint from the public archives of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). You can file your own complaint with the CFPB here.