August 2017 Complaints Against USAA

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The US government’s Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) collects complaints against financial companies.

In 2017, the CFPB received 1093 complaints against USAA. USAA ranked Number 31 among all financial companies for the most complaints.

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Complaint Details:

Date of Complaint: August 17, 2017


State: VA

Product: Debt collection
Sub-Product: Credit card debt

Issue: Communication tactics
Sub-Issue: Frequent or repeated calls

Full Complaint:
I have been receiving multiple calls a day on my home phone as well as on my cell phone, from morning to evening, from representatives of U.S.A.A. concerning an outstanding credit card debt of mines. The frequency of the calls has now become harassment. I started receiving frequent calls from this company months ago, I spoke with a representative from the company about my debt and explained that I was experiencing a financial hardship and would be making a small payment at that time, and that I would pay more on the debt as I was able to do so. I followed through with my promise to pay, but this did not stop the calls, within this last month I have been receiving multiple calls every three days … non stop ( morning to night ). Even after making payments, the calls still keep coming. Two weeks ago I made a substantial payment and I made another substantial payment on Friday, XX/XX/XXXX. However, Monday morning, XX/XX/XXXX, I received another call from U.S.A.A. requesting another payment, and each time that I do speak with a representative from U.S.A.A. I feel as though I am being integrated about why I am unable to pay, as well as pressured and coerced into making a payment. I expressed to the representative that I had just spoken with someone concerning this matter three days ago and that I had spoke to several representative prior to that time, and that my situation had not changed within the past three days. The representative then told me that it is their policy at U.S.A.A. to call the consumer every three days to collect on the debt. On Monday, XX/XX/XXXX the U.S.A.A. representative even went as far as to ask me … Why I could no longer make consistent payments? If I received unemployment? If I could borrow the money from a family member, when I explained to her that I was currently out of work. And she then followed up by telling me that if she was unemployed what she would do in order to make the payment, which I found to be very discourteous, offensive, humiliating and insulting. I then told her that I would make a payment on this coming Friday, XX/XX/XXXX for the entire amount, just to end the phone conversation because I was so upset at this point. Today, XX/XX/XXXX like, as promised by the representative on XXXX XXXX, I received another call from a U.S.A.A. representative concerning the same debt, who once again began to harass me and pressure me into paying, even after I stated to the representative on XXXX XXXX that I would be making the payment in full on XX/XX/XXXX. I have since borrowed the money as instructed by the representative on XXXX XXXX and I will be making the payment in full on XX/XX/XXXX if everything goes as planned. But meanwhile, I want the harassment to stop and I wish for all communication with U.S.A.A. to be by letter form only.

Complaint Tags: Servicemember

Company response:

Response Type: Closed with non-monetary relief

Public Response:
Company believes it acted appropriately as authorized by contract or law

FairShake accessed this complaint from the public archives of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). You can file your own complaint with the CFPB here.