December 2019 Complaints Against USAA

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The US government’s Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) collects complaints against financial companies.

In 2019, the CFPB received 1354 complaints against USAA. USAA ranked Number 23 among all financial companies for the most complaints.

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Complaint Details:

Date of Complaint: December 13, 2019


State: TX

Product: Checking or savings account
Sub-Product: Checking account

Issue: Managing an account
Sub-Issue: Deposits and withdrawals

Full Complaint:
I opened a checking and savings account with USAA in late XXXX or early XX/XX/2019. I began transferring my funds from XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX. I set up direct deposits from my income sources to USAA Savings Bank ( USAA ). During the day of XX/XX/XXXX, I began setting up online auto bill pay to institutions whom I owe debts. While setting up those payments, I had a slight problem with one or two of the recurring payment set up ‘s. It appeared those payments might be paid twice on the same dates, so they appeared to be rejected and I was unable to correct them without deleting the entire payment first. I left the set up and planned to call USAA the next day to discuss the bill pay and what to do about the issue. On XX/XX/XXXX, I spoke with a banking representative about the bill pay issue. We resolved that I would go back online and delete the accounts and re-enter them and if further problems occurred call USAA back for further help. At the end of this discussion I inquired to the representative about International Wire Transfers due to the fact there was no information in the online banking tools to describe this procedure, and I explained that in the near future I would have to make an international wire transfer. The representative switched me over to the department that handles international wire transfers. When speaking with the representative in the department I inquired about a wire transfer to the country of XXXX. He responded that when I am ready to make a transfer there, just call back and it can be set up and sent, but that it can only be set up at the time a person is ready to make the transfer. I left the conversation satisfied and we ended the call. Later that evening I recognized an email from XXXX canceling an online order I had previously made earlier that day with them using my VISA debit/credit card from USAA. I was baffled and confused by the email, knowing that I had the funds in my checking account to cover the amount of the order. I immediately when online to my USAA account and was unable to enter the account due to security reasons. This incident was very upsetting, and I had to wait through the night wondering why my accounts were frozen.

On XX/XX/XXXX, early morning, I called USAA and after verifying my identity understood that my phone number had been automatically routed to the Security Fraud Department ( SFD ) at USAA. I spoke with a woman security agent whose name I do not remember. I asked her why I was routed there and what was going on with my account that it was frozen for security reasons. To the best of my recollection She told me that I must have made a mistake made a mistake while setting up my bill pay. I responded yes, I might have but spoke with a representative and thought the issue was resolved during my conversation with banking rep. I told her also that I am skeptical about the reason she gave me as to why my accounts are frozen. I exclaimed that online bill pay is a tool component of my account and setting them up and even making a mistake should not be a reason to freeze my accounts. I went further to say that I believe my accounts were frozen due to my inquiry into an international wire transfer to XXXX. She responded ” tell me about that. ” I told here then that I will need to make wire transfers to XXXX for airline tickets for my immigrant wife to join me here in the United States. She asked ” how much would I be sending. ” I told her that I don’t know. I’ll know when I find out the price of the tickets through the airline booking. She then asked me ” how long ” I’d been married to my wife. I thought the question was inappropriate and the discussion went down hill from there. I thought I was being more harassed and made to feel like a criminal with my own money. In anger, I told them to give me the physical address to their bank so that I could go and immediately close my accounts. She gave me the address, but I recognized in hind site that was not a good idea to have to close my accounts after setting up direct deposit that would take up to two months to close. The call ended with no resolution or reason given by the SFD exactly why my accounts were frozen.
I called by to the USAA and although I was routed bank to the security department, I was passed on to the Executive Resolutions Team ( ERT ) where I spoke with an XXXX named XXXX. At that time she told me that USAA reserves the right to close a members account at any time for any reason. Further, she said that it can take of to 60 days for my funds to be returned to me ( I think ) while an 72 hour investigation by the SFD is in progress. I was in complete shock to what was going on and demanded that my funds be released immediately. In short all XXXX could do was to ” request ” my funds be released sooner, and without any definitive time frame when my funds could be released. Again I was in shock. I had no control at this time and even currently today on XX/XX/XXXX of my legitimate funds being held in frozen accounts.

On XX/XX/XXXX, I called USAA and spoke with XXXX another member on the ERT. XXXX empathized and understood my concerns and promised to look into the matter and said someone would call me the following day.

On XX/XX/XXXX, I received a call from XXXX of the ERT. He stated he tried to call me on the XXXX, but for some reason he could not get through. I explained to XXXX what I thought was the reason I my accounts were frozen. I told him the wholes story and the reasons I needed to make an international wire transfer to XXXX. I explained the stress and distress this issue was causing me as I also explained to XXXX on the XXXX. He empathized and understood and told me that he would submit a request to the Security Fraud Depart. ( SFD ) to re-look at the issue and resolve in my favor. To my recollection he would call me back the following day.

On XX/XX/XXXX, and late in the afternoon, because I had not gotten a call from the ERT, I called and spoke with XXXX. Again I told him the same story as I did previously with XXXX, XXXX and XXXX. XXXX empathized, agreed and understood my side of the story and told me to call on Monday believing the case would be resolved.

On Monday XX/XX/XXXX, I called USAA and spoke with ERT ‘s XXXX. She looked through the notes and saw that request had been made to the SFD with no resolution or that my issue was still under investigation. With all of them, I was told that the investigation by SFD would take 72hrs. In concluding a lengthy conversation with XXXX as was done with the other three individualS and at the point of pleading with these individuals that I can not afford this happening it’s been a week and my funds are frozen. I have obligations, I have to eat, travel and do business. It’s a nightmare situation. I’ve done nothing wrong. That your SFD froze my accounts before even speaking with me about their concerns. On and on how this situation my ruin my credit if USAA holds my funds where I can not pay my bills or send for my wife and young son. XXXX said that she would escalate the issue to USAA ‘s Advocacy Team ( AT ). I was told that someone would be calling me by Wednesday the XXXX to discuss my side of the story. I told her to tell them to listen to the call recordings of my conversation with the woman at SFD and how she treated me with disrespect and as if I were a criminal just for making an inquiry into an international wire transfer. The call ended with XXXX and Wednesday came and went with no call from USAA ‘s AT.

On XX/XX/XXXX, because I did not receive a call from USAA ‘s AT. I called and spoke with XXXX of the ERT. She said that by now SFD must have found what they think is an actual fraud on my part. That because this has taken or has gone to this point their must be something there. I disagreed and stated to her and which I believe that USAA ‘s SFD is covering their XXXX XXXX because there is nothing fraudulent that I’ve done, they ( SFD ) are wrong. I explained my entire story to XXXX. My living in XXXX for 20 months and marrying my wife. I told her that I could send correspondence from me to the U.S. Embassy in XXXX dealing with my wife immigrating to the US and that process is weeks from being complete and that would confirm why I need to transfer funds. I explained how I get paid and all direct deposits come from US DoT. At the end of another lengthy discussion where I spill my entire life story to my bank. XXXX tells me to wait another 48hrs. for the SFD to look at the case more.

This issue is still ongoing without resolution.

Complaint Tags: Servicemember

Company response:

Response Type: Closed with explanation

Public Response:
Company believes it acted appropriately as authorized by contract or law

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