May 2019 Complaints Against USAA

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The US government’s Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) collects complaints against financial companies.

In 2019, the CFPB received 1354 complaints against USAA. USAA ranked Number 23 among all financial companies for the most complaints.

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Complaint Details:

Date of Complaint: May 16, 2019


State: GA

Product: Checking or savings account
Sub-Product: Savings account

Issue: Managing an account
Sub-Issue: Deposits and withdrawals

Full Complaint:
USAA Banking failed to keep my account secure and now they are charging me for fraudulent activity. Here are the details of what has transpired in the last few days.

Thursday XX/XX/2019 : I left for XXXX, FL and when I arrived I opened my USAA app and received a travel advisory alert. I responded to the alert by putting in information that I was currently traveling in Florida and would be back at my home of record ( XXXX, GA ) on XXXX XXXX, 2019.
Attached Documents : Boarding Pass Friday XX/XX/2019: I used my USAA debit card ending in XXXX at XXXX in XXXX, FL Attached Document : Account Transaction for Checking Account showing my expense in XXXX Saturday XX/XX/2019 : I logged into USAA mobile app to transfer {0.00} from my savings to my checking account.
Then I sent the {0.00} from my checking to my business landlord via XXXX for my suite rent. Which I do at the beginning of every month since XX/XX/XXXX.

Sunday XX/XX/2019 : I tried using my USAA debit card ending in XXXX at a convenience store. It was declined. I logged into the app and was not granted access. The App stated due to security, access denied I called USAA Banking Number at XXXX and spoke to a representative about why I couldnt access the app. The USAA representative told me there was some suspicious activity that would require the fraud team to investigate. I told the representative that I was in XXXX and that I put a travel advisory on my account. The USAA representative said ok and that I would have to speak to a fraud agent because he couldnt see what the issue was. He said that because its the weekend the Fraud Agent would call me on Monday XX/XX/XXXX. I said ok and we hung up.

Tuesday XX/XX/2019 : I receive a call from USAA, they representative on the other end said her name very quickly and then proceeded to ask a bunch of questions.
Agent : Tell me about these transactions?
Me : What transactions, I cant get into my mobile app to see?
Agent : What was the last transaction you remember?
Me : I transferred {0.00} from my savings to my checking to pay by business suite rent via XXXX. I tried to use my card on Sunday ( XX/XX/XXXX ) at the local corner store but it was declined and I couldnt get in the mobile app which prompted me to call you all.
Agent : Where did the money come from?
Me : What money? The {0.00}?
Agent : Where did the {00.00} come from?
Me : Im sorry, what are we talking about? What {00.00}?
Agent : You put {00.00} in your account Me : I didnt do anything. I definitely didnt put {00.00} in my account.
Agent : Did you share your account information with a third party?
Me : No, I have never shared my information.
Agent : It looks like you shared your information with someone.
Me : How is that?
Agent : What about the other debit card?
Me : What other debit card? I have one card that was decline. Can you tell me whats going on?
Agent : We sent you another debit card on XX/XX/XXXX.
Me : How? Ive been in XXXX since the XXXX? I put that in the mobile app as a travel advisory. How would somebody go through my mail and get a card?
Agent : We sent it XXXX.
Me : What!! Im not home, Im in XXXX headed back to Georgia today. You should see that from the apps trip advisory.
Agent : Well maam this was just a curtesy call to inform you of the next steps, right now it looks like you gave your credentials to a third party and took money out of your account putting your account in the negative.
Me : What! Why would I inconvenience myself with taking out money I dont have. I been with USAA since XX/XX/XXXXand why would you all send a new card without informing me? Im not even in town!
Agent : We are going to investigate but its looks like you will be held accountable. Please call USAA Bank back in two business day with our decision.

Tuesday XX/XX/2019 : around XXXX when I made it home, I logged into the USAA Banking website and found message ( attached documents ) : Authorization of Changing of Pin Authorization of increased daily limit There was no indication or message about a new card being sent to me.

Thursday XX/XX/2019 : I called USAA at XXXX and spoke to a representative. I asked her to transfer me to fraud because I need my account cleared as I have bill.
Transferred : The agent asked me about the fraud again. She then stated that my account does look funny and she couldnt figure out why USAA sent out a Mastercard. I asked why I wasnt notified of the new card? She said she doesnt know and would work to get my account cleared. She also asked what card I had on me. I told her the debit card ending in XXXX she then proceed to say that she doesnt know why that card wasnt turned off just suspended. She then asked if I would like a new card and I told her yes and please send it to my Job not my house as somebody was about to steal the other card and activate it without my knowledge or permission.
She told me that she sent me new cards and to call back on Monday as this claim will take a few days to clear.

Monday XX/XX/2019 : Called USAA Fraud Team at XXXX, asked the representative about my accounts because I really needed to pay bills and I didnt have access to my account.
The rep proceeded to tell me that USAA was holding my liable for {00.00}. I asked the representative, how was this possible when the other agent told me the prior week that she was going to assist in clearing this us. I also asked the Rep why he never asked me for my verbal phone passcode, he told me that system randomly requests that action. The rep proceeded to tell me that they couldnt see everything from the case notes. The Rep then proceeded to tell me that they would add their notes and someone from USAA fraud should give me a call back.
WednesdayXX/XX/2019 : I called USAA Fraud Team at XXXX, I told the rep my situation and that I was in a dire need for a resolution as I have bills to pay and cant access my account. She then puts me on hold for about 20 min but checks in every 2 min to tell me that she is still talking to different department about my case. After 20 minutes she tells me that USAA is holding my liable for the fraud. I then proceed to request that my case be reopen with a different analysis. She then proceeds to tell me that they told her that my claim is closed and that she could not open a new claim. I asked her to transfer me to someone that could open a new case. She then proceeds to tell me to hold while she looks at one more option. She comes back online to tell me that she put in another ticket and note which is like opening a new ticket and someone from USAA will call me back.
I told her that no one from USAA has attempted to call me. I have been calling USAA to clear this up and they did a horrible job protecting my accounts and properly investigation this situation.

How USAA breached my Financial Security : 1. They never notified me of an additional card being sent. No Call, No Email, No notice in my USAA profile 2. They randomly decided when to use extra security measure on my account even through that I specifically set that up to not have fraud happen.
3. They didnt not ask for my phone code when the preps called to activate a card or when they called backed to increase the daily limit 4. They never called when they suspected suspicious activity 5. They never verified the callers phone number.
6. They cant explain how the money got into the account.

Complaint Tags: Servicemember

Company response:

Response Type: Closed with explanation

Public Response:
Company believes complaint is the result of an isolated error

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