June 2019 Complaints Against USAA

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The US government’s Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) collects complaints against financial companies.

In 2019, the CFPB received 1354 complaints against USAA. USAA ranked Number 23 among all financial companies for the most complaints.

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Complaint Details:

Date of Complaint: June 11, 2019


State: WA

Product: Credit card or prepaid card
Sub-Product: General-purpose credit card or charge card

Issue: Incorrect information on your report
Sub-Issue: Account status incorrect

Full Complaint:
I opened a secured credit card with USAA trying to build my credit. I secured it with my own money of {0.00}. I paid the card perfectly for over two years until I took a job offer that didnt workout and put me behind. Like my other 2 secured credit cards once I got behind on the payment they closed the account with the money that I secured the card with ( my own money ). I had a limit with all 3 secured cards and the limit was whatever amount that I had secured the card with. Once these cards closed out the balance should have been zeroed out. USAA closed my account out in I believe XX/XX/XXXX, as well as my other two cards which showed XXXX balance. I checked my score last month and saw that according to USAA I had a balance of {.00}. I called and immediately paid the balance once I saw that. Then I started wondering why there was a balance. So I called and they informed me that my card was over balance. I asked them how is this possible in the 2 and a half years that I had the card they never let me go over balance and would even decline transaction that would put me within a couple dollars of maxing out. I asked the gentleman how this was possible it was a secured card he couldnt answer me he said sometimes it happens and the credit card companies allow the over balance by accident. I asked him what charges were made that allowed me to go over balance. He then informed me that the card went over balance by {.00} in XX/XX/XXXX. I maxed the card out in I believe XX/XX/XXXX moving back to AZ. He said they allowed another charge after the charge that brought me over balance of {.00}. I asked him so normally they wont allow you to go over you balance and it must have been a mistake for the first one, but it allowed 2 charges at separate dates when my card had been maxed out for a couple months. None of it made sense. He couldnt tell me anything but sometimes that happens and thats what happened and that he couldnt do anything for me. I then informed him that if I had of known there was an over balance I would have paid it. As soon as I found out months later ( which I was under then impression that that was impossible to go over balance on a secured credit card ) I immediately paid it. I asked him if there was anything they could do to adjust this because this wasnt right and not a single phone call was made to try and inform me that it was over balance, he just told me that he couldnt do anything and if I felt this was being was wrong and being reported incorrectly to dispute it. They way they are reporting it to my bureau is completely killing my score and is not right. I secured the card with my own money to insure that it would be paid and if something happened it would be covered. I have never been allowed to go over my limit the card will decline it and all of a sudden after a couple months of the card being maxed out they claim two separate charges on two separate days was allowed and put me over balance. Doesnt make sense and is really hurting my credit. Please help with this situation.

Complaint Tags: Servicemember

Company response:

Response Type: Closed with explanation

Public Response:
Company believes it acted appropriately as authorized by contract or law

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