September 2019 Complaints Against USAA

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The US government’s Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) collects complaints against financial companies.

In 2019, the CFPB received 1354 complaints against USAA. USAA ranked Number 23 among all financial companies for the most complaints.

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Complaint Details:

Date of Complaint: September 24, 2019


State: VA

Product: Debt collection
Sub-Product: I do not know

Issue: Attempts to collect debt not owed
Sub-Issue: Debt was paid

Full Complaint:
There are plethora of issues that I would like to discuss against my bank USAA. First, I would like to discuss the inaction that took place on XX/XX/XXXX. On that day I slid off the side of the highway on an icy day after truck came speeding by. I called USAA in order to tow my car as it had taken damage and it needed a tow and they sent a tow truck operating under XXXX. I was informed that I would not have to pay anything since I pay for insurance, but when I arrived to the shop, I was asked to pay {0.00} for the labor. I paid because I was not allowed to leave the shop without paying and contacted USAA after looking for an explanation/reimbursement. USAA redirected me to a Mr. XXXX XXXX to whom I spoke with on the phone and stated to me that he would helping with reimbursement. Several days had passed and there was no confirmation or follow-up to inform that any action had taken place. I reached out to Mr. XXXX via email with no response. Next, on XX/XX/XXXX, I was rear-ended. I spoke with USAA and the decision came back that the other person was at fault and that I would not have to pay for any repairs on my vehicle and that a replacement vehicle would be provided in the meantime. I dropped of my vehicle at the shop and received the rental car that I would be using for the meantime. When I went to retrieve my car, I had to pay {0.00} to get my car out of the shop even though I was told that I did not have to pay anything for the repairs. I contacted USAA and they said that they would begin to work on reimbursing me again. A few weeks had passed and I had not received any news on when I would be receiving that reimbursement. I contacted them again to ask what the delay was and they informed me that because the other driver was uninsured that it could take months or even years for me to receive me reimbursement, which is ridiculous considering that I was not supposed to pay anything and that I was forced to wait months or years to receive my money back. Then, on XX/XX/XXXX, an amount of {00.00} was deposited into my checking account without a clue of its origins and then the money proceeded to be withdrawn from my account for two amounts at {0.00} and two amounts of {00.00}. I contacted USAA and they had no idea where the money came from and asked me about the security of my account. May I add that not a single individual has access to my account and I have taken the utmost care in regards to protecting my information. USAA proceeded to provide a temporary credit for the withdrawn amounts until they can figure out what was going on. They launched an investigation which denied my access to my account for a week, and that week consisted me on asking for loans from peers in order to be able to continue carrying on about my life. I was given access back to my account after that week and I was informed that they launched a fraud investigation and shortly after there were charges on my credit and debit card that were not authorized by me as well as an order placed to changed my PIN, order a new debit card, and change my daily debit card limit, also again not authorized by me. I contacted USAA about this suspicious activity and their answer was to shut down my account and put it in a credit-only status, as well as send me new cards. I had to go another week without access to my bank and the only reason that I was allowed access to my bank was because on XX/XX/XXXX I called a USAA rep and asked why I was not able to access my money yet. The USAA rep stated that I had a negative balance of {00.00} and I could not use my account until I paid off that balance, which raised the question, How am I supposed to pay that off if I am not allowed to even gain access to my account? which the rep did not have an answer. They took {00.00} from my savings account and I still owed {0.00} and USAA would still not allow me access to my account. I had a friend wire money to my account to pay off my remaining balance. I thought this was the end of that situation but on XX/XX/XXXX, as I was getting ready for my vacation in XXXX, USAA took out {00.00} from my checking account putting my balance back at a negative of {00.00}. I called USAA infuriated and they informed me that the fraud investigation had ended and they found me to liable for the amount and that they are taking back the amount they credited. I explained how it does not make sense to take more money out of my account since they have already taken out {00.00}, to which the rep had no answer to that as well. Exhausted from dealing with USAA, I contacted CFPB to file a complaint and then USAA was quick to call me and try and work with me. I thought that now maybe things would get resolved but USAA reps called me to inform me that they would be sending a check for {0.00} and the {0.00} but I have never received them and it has been over a month now. As far as the extra {00.00} they took out, I was given the number of a XXXX XXXX ( XXXX ext. XXXX ), who works in the CEO office, I have tried to reach her 5-7 times, at the times that she specified to be called I might add, with no success and it seems that they have just decided to drop the issue altogether. Now, I decided to come back to CFPB and issue yet another complaint due to more inaction and false promises. Also, they have not given me a copy of the fraud report when I asked for it back on XX/XX/XXXX and I would love to see as they claimed me responsible for fraud and that I partook in fraudulent activity. In addition, they have not contacted me about the insurance amounts that they promised back. I am on the brink of taking legal action due to the injustice and inconvenience they have caused me.

Complaint Tags: Servicemember

Company response:

Response Type: Closed with explanation

Public Response:
Company believes it acted appropriately as authorized by contract or law

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