January 2021 Complaints Against USAA

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The US government’s Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) collects complaints against financial companies.

In 2021, the CFPB received 1368 complaints against USAA. USAA ranked Number 35 among all financial companies for the most complaints.

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Complaint Details:

Date of Complaint: January 2, 2021


State: CO

Product: Money transfer, virtual currency, or money service
Sub-Product: Traveler’s check or cashier’s check

Issue: Fraud or scam

Full Complaint:
My wife and I were scammed after trying to sell our washer and dryer on the app XXXX XXXX and now our bank is refusing to help us claiming nothing can be done and that they are not liable for what happened.
On XX/XX/XXXX an individual said they were interested and we began to exchange information to complete the sale along with the transaction. The buyer said that they would mail us a check due to them being out on a business trip and that they were scammed before and that was the only way they would purchase the items we were selling.
A few days later on XX/XX/19 XXXX we received the check in the mail ; mind you we were selling the washer and dryer for only XXXX dollars. The individual texted me stating that their secretary had accidentally sent a little extra and the amount to pay the movers that were scheduled to come pick up the washer and dryer. The check we received was for the amount XXXX. Upon receiving the check, I confirmed that I indeed did get the check.
Immediately after the confirmation the individual gave me the information of the movers to send the remaining funds to via XXXX on USAA. Those individuals that we were instructed too send the funds to listed below : 1. XXXX XXXX Email : XXXX Amount sent : XXXX Dollars ( payment from first check ) 2. XXXX XXXX Email : XXXX XXXX : XXXX Dollars ( Payment from money split between both checks ) A few days later we received a second check in the mail ; mind you nothing has happened to our account yet, the check was for the same amount XXXX. I immediately notified the individual about it, he stated that the mover never received the funds and that the check was to make those payments. So again I deposited into my USAA account, this time they put a hold on the check due to it putting me over my monthly deposit amount. Then they began asking for my account information as well as routing number so that an individual could send me funds, I immediately refused and told the person that once the funds passed through the account that I would send the money back to them and break contact and schedule a date for the movers to come pick up the washer and dryer on XXXX XXXX when the check was supposed to clear.

XX/XX/XXXX/XX/XX/XXXX/XX/XX/XXXX2020 I began monitoring my account to see if the check by chance cleared, as the first check all the funds were ” available ” immediately upon deposit. I began to notice money began disappearing from the account because the checks bounced and USAA began taking the funds from my account. I lost my paycheck of XXXX and my stimulus check XXXX dollars during this whole process. I Immediately got on the phone with USAA to file a dispute and a claim for scam to start an investigation. I also called the bank that was on the checks we received, XXXX XXXX, and gave them the information on the check ; name, account number, check number, etc. After a brief period the bank confirmed that those checks were fraudulent and that the individual did not have an account with them. When giving them the name XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX they also confirmed that they have had numerous incidents pertaining to this individual and that he has scammed multiple people the same way in the recent days.
After finding out this information I returned a call to USAA and notified them of the issue and they added notations to the investigation they started. Not once did they attempt to freeze my account or anything of that nature which is usually done when either fraud or a scam is reported. All I kept getting from each representative was that there was nothing that could be done and they were not able to reimburse the funds lost because they were not liable for scam/fraud. My wife and I lost an estimated XXXX dollars during this process due to USAAs lack of urgency and cooperation during the incident. Some representatives were very unprofessional and rude when speaking to either my wife or myself. I have gone through all the proper channels in trying to resolve this issue i.e. filed the scam incident with the Federal Trade Commission, notified USAA and filed a dispute/scam claim, switched banks and accounts, changed payments from USAA account to new bank account.

With everything that happened USAA and being in the XXXX they could have handled the situation a lot more professionally and urgently. My wife and XXXX children really took a hit during this whole incident emotionally and mentally. We had to find a way to pay rent, car payment, and insurance as well as other bills and necessities.

Attached to this complaint is a photo of both fraudulent checks as well as the letter from USAA claiming there is no fraud and there is no further action that can be taken.

Complaint Tags: Servicemember

Company response:

Response Type: Closed with explanation

Public Response:
Company believes it acted appropriately as authorized by contract or law

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