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How to Get Great Charles Schwab Bank Customer Service

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Charles Schwab Bank offers customers a wide array of services ranging from the traditional checking and savings account to in-depth investment guidance and international services. As with any large financial institution, the customer service experience can be daunting to navigate.

The problems arise when attempting to find the right customer service agent to help with your particular issue. If you do not know

where to start, you can invest a significant amount of time bouncing from one department to another before reaching the customer service specialist capable of answering your questions or helping with your problem.

To make the experience less confusing, we will sort out the different web pages and customer service numbers for each product offered by Charles Schwab Bank.

Checking and Savings Customers

Charles Schwab Bank offers a high yield checking account linked to a brokerage account. The account offers free online bill pay and unlimited ATM fee rebates. To round out your standard banking needs, the Bank also provides a high yield savings account, with no monthly fee. If you use Charles Schwab Bank for your everyday banking needs, you can reach customer service at the bank’s website or by calling 1-888-403-9000. For automated banking services, call 1-800-435-4000.

The website offers a list of the services provided and the opportunity to chat with a customer service agent to determine what services might best fit your needs. If you are considering opening a new account, or prefer to do your banking at your local branch, you can use the branch finder on the website to find the one closest to you.

Brokerage and Investment Accounts

If you have a brokerage or investment account with Charles Schwab Bank, customer service becomes a bit more complicated. You can visit the web page dealing with brokerage and investment accounts. You can use the chat feature to discuss what account options best fit your needs, or if you are are an existing customer, you can log in and use the chat feature to discuss issues related to your particular accounts.

Most branches are fully equipped to deal with brokerage and investment account information, so you can make an appointment to speak with an investment advisor at your local branch by calling the branch directly. Prospective clients can call 1-888-245-6864, and current customers can call 1-800-435-9050.

Small Business Solutions

Charles Schwab Bank offers a small array of small business solutions. You can find information about the products and services provided to small businesses on the small business solutions web page. Depending on the product or services you use for your small business, you will access customer service in the same way non-business clients do.  There is no particular customer service, at this time, offered for small businesses.

Home Loans

If you plan to utilize a home loan from Charles Schwab Bank or want information about a potential real-estate loan, you will visit the web page for information regarding rates, terms, and the application process. Other products offered include a home equity line of credit and refinancing. Charles Schwab Bank works directly with Quicken Loans to provide home loans. To speak directly with a specialist regarding a home loan or a home equity line of credit, you can call 1-877-535-4021. This number will take you to a Quicken Loan specialist. There is also a chat feature available to answer basic questions.

Credit Cards

Charles Schwab Bank works with American Express to bring you an American Express Card specifically for Charles Schwab customers. Once approved, the card will include a customer service number for American Express. There is no customer support offered through Charles Schwab Bank for credit card questions, issues, or assistance.

Contacting Customer Service for other products

  • A new client concierge—as a new client, you have access to a professional customer support specialist who will help guide you through the account and investment solutions offered by the bank. The new client concierge will help you through the process of transferring assets and navigating the Charles Schwab platform. You can access this service by calling 1-866-232-9890.
  • For financial planning,  you can access a financial planner at 1-866-232-9890.
  • If you are on a fixed income, Charles Schwab bank offers a unique service of a customer specialist to offer guidance on investment strategies and the choices you have. You can reach them at 1-877-906-4670.
  • Trading Specialists to help familiarize you with the trading tools available from Charles Schwab can be contacted at 1-888-245-6864.
  • You can reach the global investment services department at 1-877-806-4205.
  • Charles Schwab offers investing workshops throughout the year at local branches. The information about where and when the workshops are offered can be located on this web page.

In late 2019, Charles Schwab Bank announced the buyout of TD Ameritrade’s online brokerage. For now, the two entities operate on separate platforms, with the merger of platforms expected to happen in the second half of 2020. Merging two large brokerage platforms will, undoubtedly, change how customers access customer service from either online brokerage.

Charles Schwab Banking receives decent reviews for customer service satisfaction. The most daunting task customers face seems to be finding the right department, and the never-ending automated menu’s when attempting to reach a customer service specialist. Many customers report that it is much easier to use the customer service chat feature directly on the website or to visit a local branch.

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