When Spectrum (Charter Communications) Customer Service Fails

How to Make the Charter Spectrum Corporate Office Listen

A legal option that can get Charter Spectrum to listen — and get you compensated.

It’s easy to feel like David fighting Goliath when Spectrum doesn’t live up to their promises, and your Spectrum complaint gets ignored.

This is especially true when that Spectrum complaint has to do with a mistake they made, one which costs you money. What’s more, there are times you rely on Spectrum services so if you don’t pay the bill, even if it is wrong, they will cut of a service you rely upon.

Phone calls with employees who don’t have any power waste your time and end with no solutions for your Spectrum complaint. Emails generate boilerplate auto responses, and by the time you reach an actual person, they still can’t do anything. Requests to speak with someone higher up with authority get ignored, or just take too long.

Or, they tell you they’ll make things right and don’t follow through, leaving you to begin the frustrating process all over again with phone calls, emails, and your Spectrum complaint ignored, yet again.

What can you do other than feel like a chump who was taken advantage of?

Use arbitration to settle your Spectrum complaint

When you sign up with big companies like Spectrum, they include in the fine print of your contract forced arbitration clauses. These prevent you from taking them to court, but they don’t limit all of your options.
Sadly, many people have limited choices in terms of cable, internet, and cell phone service providers which means we are forced to do business with companies we know have low customer service standards. Or we might not have known ahead of time, but once we learn they have unresponsive staff at their headquarters, we are locked in via contract and can’t switch to someone better.

Arbitration helps you get a satisfactory solution for your Spectrum complaint without having to sue the company. When you request arbitration, the company has to do a lot of work and they lose control of the outcome. During arbitration, an independent individual (the arbitrator) is appointed who is familiar with the type of situation involved. The arbitrator has to be impartial. The arbitrator looks at the facts presented by both sides and makes a binding decision.

Arbitration is fair, just, reasonable, and transparent, so you have equal control

Arbitrations handled by the American Arbitration Association® comply with the Statement of Principles of the Consumer Due Process Protocol which means:

  • The process must be fundamentally fair to all parties including the appointment of impartial, competent, and qualified arbitrators who conduct fair hearings.
  • A reasonable standard is applied to the arbitration process including the standards for access to relevant information, timing and location of the arbitration, and cost.
  • The transparency standard requires clear arbitration agreements that include all the necessary information and give each party the ability to hire their own representation.
  • An alternative to arbitration, in the form of small claims court and, in some cases, mediation, should be available.
  • The process should be just and allow the arbitrator to award the same relief that would be available in a court of law in a binding decision.

Arbitration gives you equal footing and leverage

When you put a company like Charter Spectrum on notice that you are going to pursue arbitration, they will realize quickly that they are soon to be on the hook for a lot of out-of-pocket expenses. No longer do they control the situation, with the control to ignore your requests or postpone your email solutions. Now, a neutral third party will review the case and you are on equal footing with Spectrum.
This gives you leverage in the sense that these companies don’t want to risk paying for your complaint and paying for arbitration so, they become more willing to meet your demands if your demands are reasonable.

If Charter Spectrum doesn’t meet your demands, you can get a reasonable, fair, transparent, and just hearing without spending any money by using FairShake to help you file for arbitration.  Our help doesn’t cost you anything unless you win.

You don’t want to bring a nuisance case because you could be held responsible for the company’s costs if the arbitrator believes the case is frivolous. But if you have a real complaint, you shouldn’t have to worry about the possibility of having to pay the company’s costs.

Leverage leads to faster settlements

Once you begin the arbitration process, the company loses the advantage. Again, you are now on equal footing with a neutral arbitrator and this leverage leads to faster settlements.
How? The company wants to settle sooner, rather than later, to reduce their expenses.
So what steps do you take next? Start by sending formally raising your Spectrum complaint with Charter Spectrum.

And FairShake helps you do so. We will send a demand letter to Charter Spectrum corporate offices to start the clock on them to resolve your case before you can file arbitration (usually 30 days but this depends on the length of time required by the arbitration clause in your contract).

In about half the cases, the company’s headquarters makes an acceptable settlement offer during this period and the matter is resolved without going to arbitration. If they do not offer you a reasonable settlement during this period, the next step is to file the case with the American Arbitration Association. FairShake will put together the official arbitration paperwork for you, and help you take the next steps.

Do I need an attorney for arbitration?

If your case reaches arbitration, you might consider whether to hire an attorney.

  • There are many common Spectrum complaints which are clear violations of contract or law, and in these cases you can usually get high compensation for qualifying claims without an attorney.
  • Then there are those more complicated situations involving convoluted laws or federal violations, like illegal debt collection tactics or robocalls, for which an attorney might help you secure a higher reward.

In legal terms an individual without an attorney is bringing their claim “pro se.” If you decide to move forward without an attorney, you’ll want to read the information available from The American Arbitration Association’s Pro Se Case Administration Team.

What can I do next?

Begin the process by letting us know below about your complaint against Charter Spectrum. Let FairShake take the frustration of dealing with a big company off your to do list and help you get the satisfactory solution you deserve.

FairShake offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied with our services, you will not owe us anything.

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