Spectrum Internet Prices: What You Should be Paying for WiFi

Are you pay too much for your Charter Spectrum internet? We can help.

Spectrum internet coverage is available to approximately one-third of households in the US. It is the second largest cable internet provider, but is it worth it? In this article we review what you should be paying for Wi-Fi and examine the different Spectrum internet prices.

Pros and Cons of Spectrum Internet



Spectrum internet purportedly has very fast speeds, up to 940 Mbps in some areas

There are only three plans from which to choose and they start at a cost of $50 per month which makes their Wi-Fi prices much higher than other providers

There are no data caps and no contracts so you can lock in an internet cost on a monthly basis and cancel as necessary

Even if they advertise unlimited internet no upfront cost to you, there cable internet is known for having a lot of inconsistencies in its speed especially during peak times

Spectrum gives you a motor and a router at a rental of only $5 per month but they also let you use your own equipment if you have it

They have a very low customer satisfaction score. The American customer satisfaction index is quite low compared to other providers

Spectrum Low Cost Internet Plans

Spectrum only offers three plans from which to choose. Purportedly all three have unlimited data and no contracts. The Wi-Fi cost for each plan is listed below.

  1. Spectrum Internet: This plan can really only handle some light streaming and internet browsing.
  2. Spectrum Internet Ultra:  This plan is good for couples who work from home or moderate families who need the internet for school and browsing, and streaming purposes.
  3. Spectrum Internet Gig:  This plan is for gamers, and for households to have multiple people streaming or working at the same time.



Download Speed

Spectrum Internet

$49.99 per month

Up to 200 Mbps

Spectrum Internet Ultra

$69.99 per month

Up to 400 Mbps

Spectrum Internet Gig

$109.99 per month

Up to 940 Mbps

Even their lowest cost high internet speed plan is significantly higher at a starting monthly rate than competitors especially given the speed. More importantly, all of these prices are subject to change at any given time, without notice. The fine print on the Spectrum page stipulates that the prices can vary based on where you live so it might be even more than advertised.

Another thing to consider is the Wi-Fi cost is purportedly for the speed you want meaning the more money you pay each month, the higher the speed you receive. But according to the latest FCC report, Spectrum internet speeds are not quite what are advertised. They’re going to be slower than the advertised speeds and they will be slower during peak usage times which means if you are trying to work from home or do school from home at the same time as everyone else, your internet is going to be slower.

Are there any hidden costs?

These Wi-Fi prices, even those for the lowest cost high internet speed plan don’t account for the installation fees or equipment fees, or taxes.

You might be surprised to learn that the installation fees are $49.99 if you have a professional install the equipment. If you choose to install the Spectrum equipment yourself, they still charge you $9.99 for self-installation.

Given that you are renting the equipment from spectrum, they also add an additional $5 each month to your bill although this is one of the lowest in the industry. Many people are surprised by this because Spectrum says that all of their internet services come with the modem at no extra cost. They also give you the option of using your own modem. But they still charge you the rental fee for the router while leading you to believe that all of the equipment is free.

Is Spectrum with the wifi cost?

They have some benefits which include access to thousands of public Wi-Fi spots and the ability to switch from your existing provider to Spectrum with up to $500 to help you buy out your current contract, but that’s only if you qualify and only if you get an internet and television bundle from Spectrum.

How do Spectrum Wi-Fi prices compare?




Verizon Fios

Starting price at

$49.99/month plus taxes, additional fees, and other terms

$35.00/month plus taxes, additional fees, and other terms

$39.99/month plus taxes, additional fees, and other terms

Internet Speeds

60-940 Mbps

5-940 Mbps

200-940 Mbps

Data Cap


1 TB/month DSL, unlimited if you have AT&T Fiber




One year


Bear in mind that the monthly pricing does not include taxes or additional fees and it might vary based on your location. 

Problem with your Spectrum internet cost?

If you signed up for a Spectrum internet service but the Wi-Fi cost is not what you agreed upon, or you have encountered hidden fees and Spectrum customer service isn’t helping, we can.

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