How to Lower Your Spectrum Bill

Paying more than you should for Spectrum? Learn about options to reduce your bill

Does your latest bill from Spectrum seem too high?

If you are having problems paying your bill from Spectrum, or you just suddenly noticed that your bill is significantly more than you were originally quoted, you have options to reduce your bill from Spectrum. 

If you cancel your service entirely, this could come with an early termination fee from Spectrum. Another option is to look for ways to reduce your bill, like by finding errors and getting discounts from Spectrum. 

Check Your Bill from Spectrum

The first place you want to start is with your regular monthly bill. Instead of just letting the charge come through your bank account as a one-off figure, it’s important that you review all of your statements in detail, each month. By understanding your Spectrum bill, you can catch common errors such as:

  • Being charged more than you should
  • Not having a promotional discount applied to your account
  • Not receiving a rebate on your account

According to the Better Business Bureau, Spectrum has 14,753 complaints filed against them, just over the last three years. At FairShake, a significant percentage of the Spectrum complaints we have fielded have to do with the common errors above like people being charged twice on accident for the same service, people receiving a promotion but then being overcharged when it comes time for the monthly bill.

If you have any of these issues on your monthly statement, contact Spectrum customer service

Change Spectrum Services

Spectrum offers an array of deals and packages specifically if you bundle multiple services.If you don’t already have a package deal with Spectrum, you can reach out to customer service and see about modifying your existing services so that you can keep your cable and internet but at a lower rate.

For example, the Spectrum Triple Play packages give you television, internet, and home phone services for approximately $103 every month for 12 months. Similarly, the double play package includes just television and Internet for only $45 per month for 12 months. 

However, these deals are typically only valid for new customers, and there are promotional rates that require a two-year contract, and after the first year that figure will go up.

That is why many customers suddenly get bills much higher than anticipated at the one-year mark of their customer relationship with Spectrum. For this reason, if you are going to change your service, maybe do away with an extra phone line, extraneous television packages that you don’t actually use, or eliminate high-speed internet that is never really that high, you want to beware of the fine print.

You can always cancel a service you have and replace it with a better deal. It never hurts to reach out to customer service and ask if they can, for example:

  • Sign you up with one of the new customer deals even if you are an existing customer
  • Give you a triple play or double play package without a contract or with a contract that extends to 24 months instead of 12 months
  • Do away with installation or network activation fees or equipment fees in exchange for remaining as a customer

It never hurts to ask and in fact Spectrum, like many major cable and internet providers, has a customer retention department whose job it is to keep you as a long-term customer by giving upgrades, bundles, or discounts where applicable.

Note: If you have a service with Spectrum for which you are under contract, and you try to cancel or reduce some of your services, the company might charge you an early termination fee. (More info on Spectrum early termination fees).

Use Spectrum Discounts and Promotions

It is best for you to always look into special programs in addition to these bundled services or packages. You might be able to change your monthly bill by using different discounts too. Here are some as of the time of writing:

Spectrum Internet Assist

If you are a low-income family and can prove it, this package deal gives you 30 Mbps of Internet with a free modem at a much lower rate per month. You can convert your internet deal to Wi-Fi service for your entire house for $5 per month. You need to be currently receiving assistance from the community eligibility provision or the national school lunch program and you must be a new customer. However, if you are an existing customer it never hurts to reach up customer service and just ask.

Seasonal status

If you are leaving for a few months, maybe for work or for school, you can utilize the seasonal status deal to keep your spectrum equipment and your services for anywhere between 2 months and 9 months. The difference is they change your monthly bill to a much lower fee. You can’t access your internet or television during this time, but when you return you can reactivate it. You don’t even have to be leaving to utilize this option. If you are struggling financially you can pause your services in this way with a temporarily lowered bill.

What if Spectrum still owes me money?

If you have used some of these options or other options to capitalize on rebates, rewards, discounts, or reduced services and Spectrum still owes you your refund or rebate, tell us about it…

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