How to Get Better Chase Bank Customer Service

Not getting results from Chase Bank customer service? You may have options to escalate…

JP Morgan is one of the largest financial corporations in the U.S. and they provide banking and financial services to millions of customers. Like most big companies, they focus on giving their customers excellent customer service. To that end, there are multiple ways to contact JP Morgan customer service. We have outlined below some of the many ways you can get ahold of them:

Find the best contact method for you:


If you need help with customer service, they ask that you use the phone numbers below to contact them. However, if you log in to your account you can find more contact details to email departments based on your specific issue at: https://www.jpmorganchase.com/corporate/Home/contact-us.htm


The same is true for the app; you need to be logged in to your account in order to locate the “help” and “contact” sections. From there you can reach out and send a message to a representative who will get back to you and leave a secure message in your message center.


Calling is a standard and reliable way to get help from a person, just be aware that there might be long wait times. Their number is:

1 (800) 935-9935

Social Media

Social media, namely Twitter and Facebook, have become popular ways to get help with general customer service issues. You can tweet their support at @JPMorgan

They have agents working who will respond in real time.

You can also send a private message through their Facebook page, which works if you are logged in. 

Snail Mail

The old fashioned post is another option. You can write a letter for customer service issues and mail is to:

JP Morgan Chase and Co

270 Park Ave. 

New York, NY: 10017

What you should bring to the table in order to get the best customer service possible

When you contact JP Morgan Bank customer service, especially if you’re talking to a live person, make sure you’re prepared.

  1. Always have a notepad handy so that you can write down any important information, maybe the names and the departments of representatives with whom you spoke as you were transferred from one department to another, and to another, and another. This can make it very easy for you to go back in reference to what was discussed, with whom, and what proposed solutions may have been suggested.
  2. If solutions are suggested, get them in writing, better yet, after you write them in your notepad ask the representatives to confirm by sending you a secure email so that you have the documentation of the agreement. Sometimes that’s all it takes to solve your problem. Pay particular attention to things like dates, especially if something like a refund is supposed to be implemented at a certain time. That will make it easy for you to follow up and reach back out to customer service if something isn’t done, as it was agreed upon.
  3. Remember, customer service agents are people just like you and sometimes they simply might not be able to help you. They might not have the authority or they might be required to simply recite a script that was given to them by the company. You might have to ask to speak with a supervisor or manager in order to get someone with enough power to fix your problem.
  4. If things aren’t fixed to your satisfaction, you can try contacting the department again, maybe reaching out to a different agent this time, or filing a dispute with the supervisor. You can always follow up on any dispute to file by sending a written letter to the corporate address listed above.

Still Having Trouble with JP Morgan Bank?

Unfortunately, big banks like this don’t always get everything right. Sometimes things slip through the cracks. Maybe you have tried to reach out to customer service using all of the methods above and yet you just ended up going in circles. But don’t give up. You still have options. You can sue JP Morgan Bank in small claims court or file a claim for arbitration

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