Complaining to Chase Bank Customer Service

Frequent complaints seen by Chase Bank customer service. And how to escalate…

Are you frustrated with the level of service that you receive from JP Morgan Chase Bank?  Are you being charged excessive overdraft or transaction fees? Do you have a hard time using the Chase Bank app?  Have you tried to resolve your problem with customer service without any luck?

If you are unhappy with the level of service that you receive from Chase Bank, you aren’t alone.  Customers routinely complain about poor service, long wait times, and excessive fees. According to the Better Business Bureau, JP Morgan Chase Bank has 2,795 customer complaints over the past three years.    Some of the most common customer grievances include;

  1. Poor customer service
  2. Promotions not honored
  3. Excessive fees

Poor customer service

A common customer complaint is the poor service that they receive from Chase Bank when visiting their branches or over the phone.  They may contact customer service over the phone, only to be directed to their local branch. Yet the branch either cannot help them or gives them information that is different than what they were told over the phone.

Customers also complain about long wait times when they are trying to sign up for a new account, make changes to their existing accounts, or trying to resolve a problem.  Long wait times are common at the branch when waiting for a teller or the ATM machine.

Another common complaint from customers are changes being made to their accounts without their knowledge.  This frequently occurs when customers open credit card accounts with Chase Bank. Either their limits are dropped without their knowledge, they are charged fees that they are unaware of, or their accounts are closed without notification.

Promotions not honored

Chase Bank frequently offers special promotions, such as cash back or credits to their accounts, to new customers to open up new accounts.  Customers often complain that they either never received these special deals after opening their account. In other cases, customers are told that they weren’t eligible for the promotion after they had already opened their account.

Excessive fees

Customers routinely complain about the excessive fees that Chase Bank charges.  Overdraft fees are a common concern, especially when the bank allows debit card transactions to clear but then charges customers a fee for each one.  When they try to resolve these issues over the phone, they are often directed to the branch. Customers that visit the branch meet with mixed results.

If you are frustrated with poor customer service, promotional rates not being honored, and excessive fees charged on your account, you may have another option.  FairShake works with consumers who have been unsuccessful in resolving their complaints with Chase Bank. If you are getting nowhere with customer service, learn how FairShake can help you.

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