How to Sue Chase Bank

Make your voice heard and make JP Morgan Chase pay: These are your options

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JP Morgan Chase is one of the most well-known financial institutions in the world, but with size can come slowness and mediocrity. You might’ve had a bad customer experience with Chase. Maybe one of their customer service representatives misled you or they may have charged you for something you never should have been. In any case, there are a few things we can show you:

  • How to sue Chase in small claims court
  • How to file a claim against them
  • How to file a claim in arbitration against them

File a Claim Against Chase in Small Claims Court

What is it? Chase has a clause in any personal banking contract prevents you from taking them to court, with the sole exception of small claims court. This lets you bring up your case to a local judge and receive compensation up to a monetary limit.

Claim limits: In most cases, a small claims court case has a compensation limit between $2500 and $10,000.

Court fees: You’ll likely have to pay some small claims court fees depending on the amount of compensation you wish to pursue.

The type of relief: You can either receive a monetary or equitable award from a successful small claims lawsuit. Equitable awards are not monetary and may equal a service rendered to your account or fees waived.

When it’s a good option: Pursuing a lawsuit in small claims court is a good option if you have some extra time on your hands and want to go public with your issues with Chase.

How to do it: Simply find your local small claims court and follow any guidelines or steps they have via their online website. Their site should include a tutorial for filing a claim online.

What you can expect: In most cases, you can expect a reasonable amount of success when filing a lawsuit in small claims court, so you might get some compensation. Alternatively, Chase might try to settle with you out of court to avoid bad press.

You can find a guide on how to sue Chase in small claims court here.

File a Complaint Against Chase with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

What is it? The CFPB is a federal agency that regulates the activities of financial institutions like JP Morgan Chase. They may enact several policies based on the infraction Chase has rendered to you.

When it try it: This avenue is a great option if you want your complaint to be known to the public and the government, though it’s not a good idea if you want compensation.

What you need to do: You can file a complaint against JP Morgan Chase on the CFPB website by clicking here.

What to expect: You can expect your complaint to be posted online on a public database, but you might not receive an individual response. However, the CFPB may take your complaint into account when coming up with future regulations.

File a BBB (Better Business Bureau) Complaint Against Chase

What is it? You can use the BBB, a collection of private publishing organizations that provide a platform for consumer complaints against businesses, to voice your concerns publicly about Chase.

When to try this: This is a great choice if you want to get some public attention against Chase and if their customer service agents are actively responding to complaints on the BBB.

What you need to do: Visit Chase’s BBB page and follow their instructions in order to submit a complaint.

What you can expect: Generally speaking, active BBB pages will have their complaints responded to by a customer service representative. But you might only get the same response you would with regular customer service channels using this method.

File a Complaint Against Chase Through Independent Arbitration

What is it? Instead of all the above options, you can file a complaint against Chase using independent arbitration. This isn’t avoidable per your contract with them, as you bring your case to an individual called an arbitrator. This will cost Chase money and will force them to address your case, and FairShake can help you make the best arbitration case possible!

When to try it: It’s the best option if you want a good chance at financial compensation and if you want to make Chase listen when it comes to your complaint or grievance. At FairShake, we can potentially even help you receive compensation up to $10,000!

What you need to do: Just fill out one of our forms to begin your complaint against Chase.

What to expect: We’ll be happy to tell you details about the arbitration process by clicking here.

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