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Slow Internet from Comcast?

Is your Comcast internet connection slow and laggy? You have legal options to get Comcast to fix the problem.

You’ve got an excellent Ethernet connection, and your wifi is considered to be top-notch, but why do you have slow internet? This is a question that many people ask when they are experiencing internet lagging or just a bad internet connection in general. It’s actually quite annoying, and sometimes it has nothing to do with you and everything to do with your provider. 

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Below we will dive into some of the reasons and solutions to try and fix your slow internet. However, we suggest looking over the details of your contract with Comcast to see what all you’re paying for, and then you’ll have a good idea of where to start troubleshooting. One of the biggest reasons we find that people experience slow download speed is due to their plan’s limits. We talk more about that down below. 

But first, let’s check out some of the most common factors that can play a significant role in a bad internet connection: 

  • Malware or Virus – Sometimes, your network hasn’t been protected the way it should be, and your computer is susceptible to malware or even a virus. If this happens, your entire system, including your network, could be crawling at a slower speed. If you don’t have any antivirus software on your devices, now would be an excellent time to get one. 
  • Amount of Speed – People often overestimate how much speed and power their internet connection actually has. For instance, if you have multiple users connecting to your internet regularly, your speed will need to be able to handle all those different connections. Check your contract’s rate with your actual internet speed and see if it matches. 

Tip: Below, you will find the best sites to perform a free speed test on your connection.  

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  • Traffic Overload – Think about all those movies streaming or video games your family or friends might be playing while connected to your internet. If all the users on your account are processing excessive data and your plan wasn’t designed to handle that, your internet speed won’t be able to keep up with all that traffic.  
  • Connection – How you connect to the internet matters and can make a huge difference in how fast your machine runs while surfing the web. Using an Ethernet cable is going to give you a direct source to the fastest connection speeds. However, your plan will be able to determine just how fast those speeds are. 
  • Faulty Equipment – If you’re using outdated equipment to connect to the internet, your router, or even your modem, you might experience issues such as slow internet or internet lagging. This is mainly due to your equipment not being up to standard and often needs to be replaced with more modern equipment that was built to handle faster internet speeds. 

Test Your Internet Speed 

The easiest way to test your internet speed is to open Google and type in ‘speed test’ in the search bar. It will immediately bring up Google’s free speed test and can be easily performed within minutes to see what your connection rates are registering. Google’s speed test is one of the most reliable tests on the internet and is highly recommended. 

However, if you prefer to try some of the other free speed tests available, we suggest trying the following:

Compare Your Speed with Your Comcast Contract

Depending on your plan with Comcast, your download speeds could be anywhere from 25 Mbps with their Performace Starter package and all the way up to 1,000 Mbps if you chose the Gigabit Speed package. Take a look at your current contract with Comcast and see where your limit falls, and then compare it to the speed test results you performed on your connection.  

Start a Claim Against Comcast

Keep in mind that Comcast is notorious for setting data limits on their contracts. If you’ve reached your monthly limit, your connection speed is reduced significantly until your next billing cycle. You can find out all the details about your exact plan by contacting customer support. 

Troubleshoot with Comcast Customer Service

Once you’ve tried everything you know how to do to try and fix your slow internet, you probably need to contact Comcast’s customer service. Some steps can be taken that usually work on their end that will have you back up and running in no time. However, it will take some patience on your end and a little time to figure everything out. 

Tell Us What Comcast Did

Comcast has multiple steps for troubleshooting your internet connection on their website for support with slow internet. This includes performing a speed test using their software. You can attempt to follow these steps, or you can just call customer service and allow them to walk you through each step.  

When you’re ready, call Comcast Customer Service at 800-934-6489 or 800 Xfinity. 

Below are some of the tasks the representative from Comcast might ask you to perform: 

  • Look at your router or modem and tell them the colors that are flashing or that are solid. 
  • Check to be sure your router or modem is plugged in and working.  
  • Unplug all your devices and then wait until they tell you to reconnect them.  
  • Follow their instructions for performing a speed test. 
Get Paid for Your Complaint

Comcast’s customer service agent will do everything they’ve been trained to do to get your slow internet working again. However, sometimes all their attempts cannot fix your bad internet connection, and you may need to take your issue to the next step. 

File an Official Complaint and Get Compensated

Suppose you’ve tried everything that Comcast’s customer service suggested while troubleshooting your bad internet connection. In that case, you should file an official complaint and get compensated for the services you were paying for but not actually receiving. Don’t allow Comcast’s customer service agents to try and sell you additional repeaters or upgrades that they say might fix your slow internet.  

And one last note, don’t commit or agree to any additional services and costs; you need to file a dispute through FairShake to get compensated for what Comcast owes you.

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