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Published on February 8, 2019

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I hired Terminex due to a bed bug infestation. Of course the salesman stated they have the state of the are products and procedures which will get the problem under control quickly. They came and sprayed three twice and used steam once. Although the infestation seemed to begin to decline we still had the bugs and were still very active in the basement where we think is ground zero for the infestation. We had more appointments scheduled however no one showed up. I began calling but it seemed they blocked my number never returning my calls. Corporate stated my account was moved to another district but they were not sure which one. Three months later I finally got a phone call from a manager who said he will make things right. They came back and sprayed one more time and the the cycle began again. They never showed up to continue to work the problem and again they don’t return phone calls. This has been at least a seven month ordeal. Very unprofessional.

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I would like my $2400 back

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