Premier Bath Complaint

Published on February 11, 2019

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Monterey Collection is trying to collect on a debt that is not owed Premier Care in the amount of $29, 393.00 for a company that is out of business and never came back to finish the work work is not completed. Started to do work on home never came back and company was out of business on contract it is clearly stated that the work was not completed Premier Bath was contacted by the Better Business Bureau of Florida and has never responded Monterey is trying to collect on work that is unfinished and the consumer has been harassed for the debt that is not owed. Monterey refuses to delete a fraudulent account and continues to update the credit report of the consumer after repeated emails and calls as well as faxes and certified mail by the consumer Monterey Financial Services is engaging in fraudulent collection activity against the consumer and is fully aware that this is a fraudulent account and deceptive to the consumer for work that was never completed and the company is out of business giving bogus numbers to call and no one is ever answering calls to fix or complete the work the consumer has been deceived financially for an account that has been placed in collections for the company according to the better business bureau and the united states postal service to be certified as closed Monterey continues to pursue a fraudulent collection activity and is fully aware of FRAUD no consumer will pay for work that has never been finished to a company that is closed and does not maintain their product this is FRAUD. Company as of today’s date has never came back to complete the work as stated on the contract product is not as of today’s date fully functional as advertised. Company refuses to uphold their promises to the consumer therefore FRAUD is evident . Premier Bath was deceptive to the consumer is closed and went out of business and is wanting to collect on uncompleted work unfinished and is no where to be found. Premier as of today’s date has never came back to finished the work Monterey continues to pursue collection on a FRAUD account to the consumer and is fully aware that FRAUD has been committed to the consumer due to deceptive increase in amount consumer has never agreed to the amount nor has the work ever been completed as shown on the paperwork the consumer continue to advise is EVIDENT FRAUD both parties are engaging in FRAUD to the consumer Premier Care and Monterey Financial Services.

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Delete the debt immediately and delete debt from all credit bureaus immediately

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