H. H. Gregg Complaint

Published on February 13, 2019

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I bought 2 refrigerators and 1 deep freezer, both refrigerators broke down within a months time, I called HHGREGG regarding the matter and they would tell me to call the warranty dept which gave little help and the 2nd refrigerator they told me that I have to pay out of pocket and then they would reimburse me, both 5 yr Warrenty had where I would get paid a check for food spoilage, the deep freezer had a big dent on it and when I called the store they told me this is what I ordered and that isn’t true. Both refrigerators will take about $2000 in repairs and not once did they ask me do I want to exchange for a new one or offer to repair the items, when I made numerous attempts for months and years I went to there place if contract and they moved out of the state of Indiana.

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Give me new items plus compensation for pain and suffering. I’ve been contacting lawyers, etc and one lawyer told me that’s the chance I have to take working with businesses like this, there’s no guarantee.

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