PayPal Complaint

PayPal Complaint

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I had money sent to me through PayPal and have been trying to transfer my money to my verified bank account. After numerous phone calls where I am left on hold for hours at a time they refuse to transfer my funds stating they cannot confirm my identity. I have been through their confirmation process multiple times, waited the time limits they suggest, I’ve sent in copies of my drivers license and w2 as requested and they still continue to say they cannot confirm my identity. The money has cleared the account it was sent from and now I am collecting late fees on my rent which i had relied on this money to pay. I am also looking st a pay or vacate notice due to their poor customer service. They advertise send as much as you like, as often as you like to whoever you need to. What they dont tell you is that if it’s any higher dollar amount that they will freeze your account and hold your money.

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Transfer my funds to my bank account and refund me for all fees collected due to not providing the immediate transfer service they advertise. I’d also like funds to cover the late fees their business has caused and for my time spent for numerous hours on the phone with no resolution.

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