Vivint Complaint

Vivint Complaint

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4 years ago my mother open an account with Vivint. she and I had just rented a house together and we had my two young sons with us. 2 years later she got very sick and went to a nursing home but I kept paying the Vivint. During that time I called Vivint to ask for some help with my bills, the salesman said that he could do me a favor and lower my bill $10 a month for one year. I was really grateful until now, my mother has passed away and my boys and I would like to move out of this house so I called Vivint because I knew that it was just a couple of months before my contract was up. until they told me that when I had called and he had supposedly helped me by giving me a discount, he had also scammed me into another 60 month contract and that I would have to pay over $3,000 to get out of it. To say that I’m sick to my stomach about this is an understatement. I tried to tell them that I am a single mother and money like that would devastate me and the kids. I cannot pay that. I’ve spoken to a few different people but one of them told me that single mom to single mom, I need to be making sure that I take notes with everyone I speak to. Because basically she was trying to tell me she did not trust them either. I finally got a woman on the phone named Jess stolle. She did pretend to care and she said that she was going to take it to her supervisor. Which I know is a common tactic. she said that they would take $10 off the payment for the rest of the three years and that my contract would be over in June of 2022. but she never mentioned that I would have to put in writing 30 days before that date to get it canceled. So even though she was trying to be nice, or trying to act nice I should say, she was still setting me up to be scammed again. she sent me an email and said that I could talk to her at any time. I wrote her back telling her how heartbroken it was about the whole thing because $3,000 to me and my kids is a lot of money. she wrote back that first time and once again said that she was taking it to her direct supervisor to see what they could do. since then I have heard nothing. I have tried emailing her three times and no response. I sent in my mother’s death certificate and ask them to close the account on the grounds of her death. Because the Vivint was opened in her name not mine. I have not heard anything back from them yet. what worries me is that they are going to start doing crazy things because I have been reading thousands of awful complaints that Vivint has done to people. I’m scared they’re going to totally drain my bank account. I’m afraid they’re going to send me to collections when I have worked my butt off to get my credit in shape. I’ve never had any complaints with my Vivint service, I’ve paid my monthly dues and never been late. but now I just feel like they’ve kicked me in the gut and lied to me. Just said that she listened to the tape back when I called and asked the man if he could help me with my bill. She said that he wasn’t very forthcoming with the information and that it was obvious that I did not understand what he was doing. So that’s why they gave me the $10 off for the rest of my three years to pay. I feel like I have been scammed and I’m very very angry and upset about it and I’m ready to fight whoever I have to fight. Just tell me when and where to be.

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Let me out of my contract because number one it’s in my mom’s name not mine and number two I did not authorize them to enroll me in another 60-month contract. I was tricked, so they say it’s legally binding but they also said that it’s obvious when they listen to the tape that I didn’t understand. of course I have not heard the tape. I’m going to call tomorrow and ask if I can hear it. But as of now I’m just getting the run-around.

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