Santander Consumer USA Complaint

Santander Consumer USA Complaint

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Good Morning Mr. Powell and Board Members,

** Please note that this email is being drafted as i wait “on hold” for a representative to assist me.


– Once again, my car has been incorrectly repossessed due to negligence on individual(s) within your company. As a result, I have had to take leave from employment in order to address this issue. (Loss of Wages)


– On March 8th, I made an outbound call to (888)222-4227 with regards to the status of the account. I spoke with Chasity in your Assistance Department who advised that the account was 68 days past due. At this time, I was also advised that the account had previously been “credited” with misapplied payments.

– I was advised on this call that my account was 68 days past due. I was never advised on this call that my account was in Repossession status,.

– I was advised to pay $1003.00 in order to “clear” and update the account. I advised Chasity M***** that the payment would be made via my Visa Debit Card ending in 1496. She advised that it would be documented. The call ended.

– Starting on March 11, 2019 I began receiving automated phone calls for a Reshad J******. I did not attempt recontact with your company, as this had previously occurred during the months of September and October of 2018.

– I awoke on March 20, 2019 to once again find my vehicle repossessed. When I called to inquire, I was treated with disregard once again (see previous complaint filed Oct 19, 2018).

At current time of drafted email, I have spoken to the following agent(s):

– Cameron (Front-line Representative, Reinstatement Department)

Action: Was very rude, transferred me to management

– Ben (Manager, Reinstatement Department)

Action: Opened Complaint Case: 4******

– Persephone (“Manager”, Office of the President)

Action: Non-compliant to consumer need, transferred the call instead of honoring request to speak with her management team. Transferred call back to Reinstatement Department. On this call, she did advise that the account had been “reviewed” by another department. If this is the case, then why were the notations of I, the consumer, not reviewed and the call reviewed prior to placing the account in such status?

– Chris (Vice President, Reinstatement – Mesa, AZ location)

Action: Extremely combative when he initially opened the call. I repeatedly had to request the previous call to be pulled. Once he pulled the call, he came back and then tried to alter the state of the call, stating that the agent “implied” that the account would be current but did not implicitly state it(semantics of words). He also said that there was a returned payment, however if this was reflective on the account then the agent I spoke with on March 8, 2019 would have addressed it as well.

Asked me what I was willing to pay, advised of fraud on my checking account, that I would be able to pay the promissory note by March 29, 2019. He then advised me that the account balance was $1650.XX, and that that needed to be paid. Stated I had 10 calendar days to pay or call would be sold I then had to ask a clarifying question of when the car was repossessed. It was then that he advised according to the records, it was taken on March 19,2019, which would make it outside of the allotted time frame. When confronted, Chris then said he would” place a hold” on the car.

Requested Resolve:

I am requesting that your company honor the call made on March 8, 2019 in which I was advised that the account was not in danger of repossession. By the timeline outlined above, it appears that the company willfully and intentionally processed these transactions in order to absorb additional monies. Please note that there is a documented history of these types of behaviors, stemming from the State of Pennsylvania and Massachusetts.

I eagerly await a response from someone within your organization.


****** , *******, J.D.

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