PayPal Complaint

PayPal Complaint

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Paypal didn’t let me cancel a transfer. Paypal received my transfer and won’t allow me to use those funds for any payments or transfer. Paypal employees have lied to me and said that I could use those funds and I couldn’t. I called paypal and they have hung up the phone on me. Someone at paypal purposely type in the wrong security answers that I answered correctly to security questions so my account couldn’t be verified. When I called once the representative purposely giggled as he stated the he couldn’t hear me so he had to disconnect the call. He continued to repeat this and giggle. I wasn’t able to buy food and I explain to several representatives that a percentage of the funds were to pay for groceries and that I people would be starving if those funds couldn’t be used.

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem? (optional)
Transfer my funds back to my bank. Compensate for any late payments on bills that I received after not being able to make payments. I would like to be compensated for all the emotional distress that I went through for several days because of paypal disservice and unprofessional and rude employees. Compensate for going without food.

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