Airbnb Complaint

Airbnb Complaint

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1) Air BnB has been fraudulently charging a card that has been removed from my account for 6+ months without my permission or consent, and continued to do so even after customer service repeatedly assured me this wouldn’t happen.

2) I just stayed at an Air BnB with friends in Joshua Tree that was run by literal Neo Nazis (had swastika tattoos and Trump 2020 stickers everywhere). These amenities were broken: the sink, the garbage disposal, the shower, the pool, the hot tub, all of which had been advertised. There was one small bathroom for us and the other party to use. Because the hosts had over booked, we were not able to use the kitchen (a family that had likely been similarly misled by the listing was having a large family party), and we had members of our group with medical dietary restrictions who weren’t able to eat as a result. According to other reviews, these amenities had been broken for a while, and they even had a dog that had been biting guests until they removed it a small while ago. Additionally, we’re all dog people, and they had another dog on the property that was sweet, but bleeding on the left hind quarter and whose tail was perpetually down, indicating depression and fear.

The real kicker was when the host kept harassing us for more money. Since the morning of our first day there, he was hounding us for more money when the amount of money for the listing was on par for other properties in the area. This made our trip incredibly stressful, and we even gave him $50 cash so he’d leave us alone. He wanted more cash and we told him to go through Air BnB, and he got slightly upset that we’d asked him to do that, but requested the money. We felt that this was pretty audacious, considering how much is wrong with the property. It’s also clearly against Air BnB rules to harass guests for money in this manner, and we were slightly afraid of them, because of the tattoos and missing teeth.

Additionally, the only reason a friend of mine had to book this place last minute was because Air BnB attempted to charge the card that Air BnB had REPEATEDLY told me they would not charge, neglected to use the active and valid credit card I had put on my account, and cancelled our original listing, which was MUCH better, and is trying to keep the money that they had already charged me. So we ended up in this situation because Air BnB fraudulently charged a card I had repeatedly asked them not to charge, that WAS NOT EVEN PRESENT ON MY ACCOUNT.

I am incredibly disappointed with Air BnB as a result, for refusing to fix the bugs in their payment feature, as well as seemingly refusing to remove a listing that is clearly dangerous for their patrons, and has been for a long time. We have contacted them, and they haven’t responded as of this email.

The fact that the starts associated with a review are removed is really dishonest as well. There’s no way this place actually has close to five stars, especially reading through other reviews. Other bookers even left because they felt so unsafe, and the hosts kept the money regardless.

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem? (optional)
I would like:

1) All the fraudulent charges refunded

2) The listing of the place I just described to be removed from the site due to safety concerns

3) All of my information completely removed from the site – not just deactivated, completely removed

4) Compensation for the amount of time and stress I have had to deal with due to Air BnB being completely incompetent

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