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Published on March 27, 2019

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I changed my PayPal preferred payment method. I received an email from Paypal confirming that I had done this. I then purchased an item on ebay but PayPal took money from an account with insufficient funds. I have emails that prove this sequence of events. At the time of purchase, this account was neither a preferred or backup payment method but it was charged regardless. PayPal apparently has no way for users to even notify them they made a mistake.

This happened on March 21, 2019. The amount is $170.50. Associated overdraft fees (which would have been *entirely* avoided had it not been for PayPal’s illegitimate withdrawal) are currently $71.00 and rising.

I filed a billing dispute (the only way I could find to file *anything* with PayPal) but I was denied because I do *not* have an issue with the seller; I have an issue with Paypal.

Dispute Case ID: PP-D-********

Transaction ID: *****************

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I expect PayPal to draw funds from my preferred method, then refund the purchase price to the account that was overdrafted, then pay all associated overdraft fees if not waived by the bank.

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