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Published on April 2, 2019

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I own a business that operates in many locations. I met Taylor Hopkins (authorized Vivint Dealer) and we created a customized plan to place 3 cameras, Smart Protect Key pad, and a space monkey hard drives at each of our 15 locations. I signed 10 contracts on Aug 28, 2015 for 59 per month for 42 months. Installations began within a reasonable time and we were told that the Space Monkey hard drives were back ordered and would ship in soon. The Space Monkey gave us 1 terabyte of backup and allowed us to see 30+ days of activity. With out the space Monkey drives the unit only records for 24-48 hours. The space monkey drives never came. After many calls to resolve I sent an email in July 19, 2016 to cancel all contracts. I stopped paying monthly fees. Then in October they contacted me and told me that they would send all units out if I would bring all accounts current. I refused as my position is that “Vivint” did not live up to the agreement and once they do I will bring accounts current. They agreed and promised the drives. They never came and we not installed. All accounts have been on my personal credit and collections since. Additionally the past 5 contracts were charged at a higher retake and for 18 more months. At every turn Vivint has lead and passed the buck to use their size to damage me financially.

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I would like to have them remove this from my credit, cancel everything, and write me an apology letter with a $5,000 check for the damage to my credit score and business

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