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Published on April 12, 2019

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I got new phones on my account. They told me I had to add new lines instead of being able to upgrade the lines I already had in order to get promotional rate for the new phones. I was told when doing so that my current plan would not change and the free additional lines I have on my account will apply to the new lines. The only fees I would be required to pay would be for the phone installment itself. This was not true I ended up getting charged for each additional line on top of installment fees for the phones. I sent sprint the contracts given to me showing the $0 per additional line so they finally agreed to just return the phones instead of honor the promise of $0 per line. Prior to them agreeing I had been on the phone with sprint for at least 10 hours trying to resolve the issues as well as being told a different story each different person I dealt with. Returned phones that part is taken care of the contracts have been deleted however my account is now being charged fees I never had before per line due to they somehow deleted my old plan which they state they can no longer get me back on cause it is expired but I never requested a plan change as well as they said once the devices were returned the account will go back to where it was before I ever got the devices. They said it would be like it never happened. That is not the case. My bill is doubled. Sprint still keeps telling me different things each time I call. I will be pursuing a small claims lawsuit if sprint does not fix this on their own. By the looks of it they have no intentions of fixing it they just keep sending me in circles with many different answers each time I speak with someone.

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Credit my account all fees that came from this as well get my account back to the plan and rate it was before any of this happened.

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