Sprint Complaint

Sprint Complaint

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At first I was sold 5 lines which one was supposed to be “free” and I ended up getting charged for. I did not know about this until after my first bill arrived and I was told I was outside of my 15 day trial window period. My bill continued to get higher each month then once my lease was over (18 months) my bill increased even more without notice because “I did not call in time to renew the lease” which I was not advised I was supposed to. They wanted $197 per phone ( i had 4 iPhones 7+) after first line was dropped due to moving to another carrier the fee per phone started to increase, when it came down to the last 2 phones they refused to give me a “return kit” to return the devices to be done with sprint, i requested for an address for me to send them and they also refused to provide me with an address. 3 days later of that incident I went to a corporate store in the international mall and returned all devices in store, I was provided a receipt with all the phones that were returned, this was a month ago and I just received a call from a collection agency wanting almost $1,300 for sprint since “I did not return the phones”. I AM IN COLLECTIONS NOW and they have their phones back!

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I would like to for sprint to remove my name from collections.

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