Xfinity Mobile Complaint

Xfinity Mobile Complaint

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I had asked Xfinity Mobile to cancel my lines around March 28, 2018. I was not aware that they reinstated my lines some time after that, while I was overseas. They have charged me line access fees and taxes beginning from Aug-Sep cycle. They also charge me for data for Jan-Feb of 2019 billing cycle. I was charged, illegally without my permission, for phone bills. After I came back from overseas, I kept using my phone for youtube, facebook, and such. This is where the data charge comes from. I wasn’t aware that my phone lines were still active 10 months after I had cancelled them. I thought I was able to use the phone because I had Xfinity Internet services at home. I had never agreed to having phone services on my device after March 28, 2018, therefore I should have been never charged for phone services. I have paid late fees on my credit card, for which xfinity is partially at fault because they had wrongfully added to my credit card balance. I have also spent up to 10 hours of time arguing and disputing these charges with customer care representatives. I have waited for about 2 months or so to get this money back, during which time I have had to go through unnecessary amount of stress that I shouldn’t have had to.

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem? (optional)
Refund me all of my money. Compensate for some of the late fees. Also compensate for the time I have spent trying to get my money back from Xfinity.

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