Uber Complaint

Uber Complaint

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In early April I took Uber from my home to Ontario Airport. Before arriving the airport I asked the driver to drop me off at terminal 2. She ignored my request but drove me to terminal 4 as she mentioned she followed the destination by the app shows. Moreover, she took me to the line for share ride spot and incarcerated me in the “Waiting Line” for over a half hour since she claimed she could drop me at the spot only. I’ve never face such problem before with other share ride app at other airport. I did a research later and I found the waiting spot is for picking up only, Uber driver can drop passengers in where curbside signs indicate you may safely drop off riders. For this reason I missed my flight and have to cancel my related reservation with extra forfeitable fees. I filled a complaint to customer representative and only got $3 credits which is far below my financial loss. I don’t think I am the only passenger who faced this issue. There is an app glitch on app that it does not ask future that which terminal to drop when a passenger select Airport as destination(I tired both LAX and ONT). However, another Rideshare app, Lyft does have that feature and it asks passenger to select specific terminal.

There are irritating things happened two week later. I found the driver is still driving for Uber after this incident, and my rating dropped from 4.92 to 4.76. I haven’t used that app since last airport trip, so this rate is definitely given by the driver.

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem? (optional)
Refund, compensate the return trip expense, noshow and nonrefundable cancel fee from the airline and car rental. Recover my rating to 4.92. Punishing the driver and Improve the app interface and dialog to make it clearer on airport destinations.

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