T-Mobile Complaint

T-Mobile Complaint

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My husband passed away on November **, 2018 I notified T-mobile on Saturday January 26 2019 and sent them a scan of the official death certificate. They did let me know money was owed but said that they would wait and find out if anything needed to be done like making payments, a few days later I was called by T-mobile and told that I didnt need to make a payment and that the account was officially closed. On April 17,2019 they shut off my service this lasted for over a week and ended on April 24,2019. They claimed I neglected to pay and didnt even bother to call me and let me know. Ive spoken to at least 7 people from their office in Bellingham who are a special team called T-mobile experts. They didnt even care enough to admit it was thier fault and provide even a written apology.

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