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Published on April 24, 2019

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I reported a lost item in the vehicle. The drive said it was not in the vehicle. I told lyft I know it’s in there they said sorry there is nothing we can do about it. Then the drive said the female passengers I was with damaged the vehicle. Lyft charged me $250 I told lyft my passenger or I did not damage the drivers vehicle. I then asked them to describe in detail what supposedly took place. I also asked what was damaged and for picture evidence. They told me the front windshield was cracked. They also sent picture only of inside the vehicle. Lyft said the female passenger stood up in the front seat and fell back onto the rearview mirror and cracked the windshield, but the rearview mirror was still intact n not damaged at all. I told lyft that is impossible it doesn’t make any sense. She fell back with such force to crack the front windshield but did not damage the rearview mirror at all. You have to see the pics to completely under stand. I then ask why was a police report not made they did not answer. I asked Lyft if anybody inspected the vehicle they did not answer I asked when did she report the incident and take the pics this could be retaliation. Lyft told me she took the pics immediately after the ride. Lyft lied the ride ended at 3:07 am in the picture the sun was up I told them that is impossible the sun is not up that early. Lyft also said alcohol was spilled in the vehicle, then they said o sorry no it wasn’t spilled in the vehicle our mistake. So many inconsistencies with Lyfts story.

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