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Published on April 25, 2019

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My elderly mother’s car got hit by someone with GEICO insurance in Troy, New Hampshire. My mother has no Debit Card. Last time someone backed into her, the insurance company covered the rental fully. GEICO made her (in this case ME) pay a $50 deposit on the rental with my debit card in Keene NH.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car KNEW the entire rental was being covered by GEICO. Yet, on April 22, they charged my bank $141 which put my account into overdraft. I pay my BILLS through that account. So this puts me in trouble with who I pay! I called Enterprise in Keene and the woman there said they would refund it – which they did. I had to negotiate with the bank to get the overdraft fee removed – which they did on the 25th at 9:30 AM.

Checked my bank account at 10:15 AM and Enterprise Rent-A-Car CHARGED MY ACCOUNT AGAIN – this time $117 – which AGAIN threw it into overdraft. I called Enterprise AGAIN and the same woman I talked to the last time said she is issuing an immediate refund which with show up in 24 hours or so. Meanwhile, I have bills that are due and a NEGATIVE BALANCE in my bank account thanks to their incompetence.

I called TD Bank this morning and they said I need to call them when the 2nd overdraft fee shows up on my account and that my only other recourse to STOP Enterprise from charging my account is to change my debit card number – which would cause me to have to call ALL the places I pay my bills to! That is UNACCEPTABLE.

I am allotted ONE overdraft fee forgiveness per year by TD Bank (by bank). Now, I have to beg them to forgive a second one! I am thinking I’m due some damages from Enterprise Rent A Car in Keene NH due to them negatively impacting my personal bank account through their incompetence!

I’ve never been in a situation like this because I am VERY responsible with my bank account!

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